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Actress Lisa Rinna Reveals Postpartum Depression

Actress Lisa Rinna Reveals Postpartum Depression 29648
In an interview on the Dr. Drew television program, actress Lisa Rinna, who is married to the actor Harry Hamlin, revealed that she suffered in silence from postpartum depression after the birth of her first now-teenaged daughter. has the interview, which was to promote Rinna's new book on sexuality:

"After having my first daughter Delilah, I had severe postpartum depression," she explained. "I kept it a secret. I didn't say a word to anybody in the world. [My husband] thought I was just nuts. He had no idea what was going on and I was so hopeless and felt so lost."

She added, "Ten months later, [I] opened up to him and told him how worthless I felt. My self-esteem was gone. I didn't want to have sex. It was opening up something that I felt so much shame about was the most valuable thing that I could have done."

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