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Virginia Parents Must Appear in Court for Kids' Tardiness

Virginia Parents Must Appear in Court for Kids' Tardiness 29480
A Virginia couple must face a judge in March for bringing their children late to school too many times. Amy and Mark Denicore of Waterford, Va., have both been charged with three misdemeanors, which carry a fine of up to $500 each.

A USA Today blog reports that since September, the Denicores' three children, all under age 10, have been tardy 85 times, usually arriving minutes after the bell. The family lives just a few blocks from Waterford Elementary School, and Amy Denicore either drives them, or the children walk to school.

Mark Denicore, an attorney, told reporters that his children have missed less than three hours each since the school year began. He called the charges "pretty extreme."

A spokesman for the school district says that schools are "charged by the state" to deal with problems like tardiness. "If somebody is coming in after the bell when everybody is seated and on task, the teacher then has to repeat the lesson and it is disruptive," he says.

Readers, are these charges fair? How often are your kids late for school? What do you do to make sure they're on time?

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