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Birth Control Pills Under New Scrutiny from FDA

Birth Control Pills Under New Scrutiny from FDA 29384
In the wake of recent research showing elevated risk of blood clots and strokes for women who use new brands of birth control pills, the Food and Drug Administration is considering new safety measures for those products.  The Associated Press reports:

Regulators could order new warning labels on several contraceptives that gained popularity in the last decade, including Bayer's pill Yaz, which was the best-selling birth control pill in the U.S. for 2008 and 2009.

Yaz, its Bayer precursor Yasmin, and similar drugs use a version of a female hormone that appears to reduce side effects found in older drugs, including bloating and mood swings.

On Tuesday, a judge unsealed several court documents suggesting Bayer may have withheld data from FDA about the blood clots risks of its drugs. The documents stem from expert opinion gathered by personal injury lawyers suing Bayer on behalf of patients.

Image: Birth control pills, via Shutterstock.