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Girl Scouts Announce New Badges for a New Era

Girl Scouts Announce New Badges for a New Era 29352
The Girl Scouts, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary at its convention starting this week, is making some changes to its badges, in an attempt to remain relevant and inspiring to today's girls.  The Boston Globe reports that some badges, including "Look Your Best" and "From Fitness to Fashion," have been cut from the roster, while new badges reflect topics on the minds of young girls today:

Some of the 136 badges sound more like topics trending on Twitter than something a fresh-faced girl would pin on her sash.

There's a Good Credit badge and a Money Manager badge, Locavore, Website Designer, and Netiquette badges, a Science of Happiness badge, and, as a component of a cookie-badge program that has been expanded, a Customer Loyalty badge.

At a time when girls have many extracurricular options, the wide-ranging revamp - the first in 25 years - is an attempt to stay relevant.

"The girls said, 'We love the camping, we love the cookies, but we want the Girl Scouts to be more about what we're about,' '' Bramson said.

Some badges have been updated, such as the badge previously called "Hostess" that is now called simply "Dinner Party."

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