Man Pledged to Survive on His Wife's Breast Milk, Now Seeks to Donate

A California father, who has only gone public with the name "Curtis," made news last week when he embarked on a diet that consisted solely of his wife's frozen excess breast milk. He briefly posted a blog about his journey, called "Don't Have a Cow Curtis."  The blog was taken down last Friday, but Yahoo reported on some of the posts:

"I see nothing disgusting or wrong with drinking my own species milk (especially that of my wife), it is nothing more than a healthy meal," he writes. He also says it's a handy digestive aid, and is much easier on his stomach than cow's milk. But how does it taste?

"Sometimes bitter, which I have become accustomed to, sometimes very sweet," he explains. "The milk also in some cases has a chalky precipitate that settled out during thawing which we are not sure if it is just a natural occurrence or if it can be attributed to 'freezer burn'."

This week, the story continues with a report from The Toronto Star that an online breast milk-sharing service had gotten wind of the story and put Curtis in touch with a nearby California mother who was desperately searching for breast milk for her quadruplets, who were born prematurely in June and cannot tolerate formula.  Curtis has apparently quit his personal project and pledged to donate the milk to the family this week.


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