Black Parenting

Parenting in 2021 is complicated, and even more so as a Black parent in America. From Black girl magic to Black boy joy, we want to celebrate all the moments in our children’s lives—and the journeys we go on with them.

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Can Barbie's New Ida B. Wells Doll Live Up to Her Legacy?
The Ida B. Wells doll is Mattel's newest addition to Barbie's Inspiring Women Series, but skeptics wonder if the symbolic action is enough to prove the company's commitment to social change.
Judge Rules That Household Labor Is Still Labor—Here's What That Means for Stay-at-Home Moms
Domestic duties fall largely on mothers who work hard to take care of families. Paying them what they're worth would change the game.
A New Experiment in Guaranteed Income May Change Everything for Black Mothers
"In Her Hands" will provide direct cash payments to Black mothers in Georgia, inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision for economic equality.
Bullying Is Harmful to Kids' Mental Health—School Solutions to the Problem Often Fail Black Children
Ten-year-old Izzy Tichenor's suicide death highlighted the effects of racist bullying on Black children's mental health. The impact is worsened when parents can't get help from their child's school.
This Pregnant Mom Is Making Healthy WIC Meals on TikTok, Solving a Problem We Rarely Even Talk About
Pregnant people who have limited access to healthy foods face a variety of health consequences. Receiving assistance via WIC both mitigates and contributes to this problem.
6 Ways Parents of Black Children Can Advocate for Kids at School
After preschool, education starts to look a little different. Parents of Black children have to be the squeaky wheel sometimes, with the intention of building a supportive community around our kids.

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She Hired a Postpartum Doula—Now She's Defending Why New Moms Need Them
The backlash that TikToker Brittany Bright received after sharing a post about her overnight doula highlights age-old stereotypes about Black motherhood and suffering.
Dove and Matthew A. Cherry Are Teaming Up To Give Black Kids Some 'Hair Love'
In an effort to fight hair discrimination, the company is releasing a new hair care collection inspired by Cherry's short film and the CROWN Act.