Black Parenting

Parenting in 2021 is complicated, and even more so as a Black parent in America. From Black girl magic to Black boy joy, we want to celebrate all the moments in our children’s lives—and the journeys we go on with them.

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Celebrating Black Success as a Family Teaches My Kids They Can Do Anything

Taylor Harris has taught her son and daughters that Black excellence isn’t just inspiring but a reminder that they, too, possess the ability to be extraordinary.

My Daughter Loves Her Black Skin—This Will Be Her Antidote to Racism

How do you shore up your child’s defenses against a not-always-welcoming world? Adrienne Farr looks for every opportunity to celebrate Black excellence.

When My Black Children Learned to Swim, I Learned Even More

When LaTonya Yvette’s children are in the pool, they laugh, frolic, play—and unknowingly upend decades of fraught history between Black people and bodies of water.

20 Black Motherhood Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

All of these influencers regularly share honest stories of Black motherhood, while providing tips on everything from healthy living, recipes, home decor, fashion, beauty, and more. Plus, they share some sage advice for new moms just getting started at the parenting game.

How Black Families are Generating Wealth for the Next Generation

The wealth gap between Black and white families in the U.S. has been the same for 30 years. But here's how today's Black parents are changing that—by creating generational wealth.

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I Couldn't Be More Proud of My Son's Love for His Black Skin

I've always marveled at my son’s lifelong love for his Blackness. And it's even more clear now that he's a senior at NYU and earning a degree that celebrates Black culture.

Imagining Success: Empowering Black Children to be the Heroes of Their Own Stories Through the Art of Photography

As a husband-and-wife photography duo, it's our mission to empower kids of color by showcasing their true beauty and uniqueness—and we do this by photographing them in the costumes of their dreams. Here are some of our favorites, plus some tips to help parents capture their own special moments.

Afro-Latina Artist Cristina Martinez on Painting the Stories of Black and Brown Women: 'We Belong Here'

The mom of two is shaking up the art world by doing what she does best—telling the stories of Black and Brown women.