Raising Bilingual Kids

We have lots of tips for teaching children a second language, everything from the benefits of bilingualism to the best foreign language apps, books, games, movies, and toys to get kids learning a foreign language. Here, you'll also find info on our Love Libros literacy initiative, which aims to inspire Latino children to develop a love of reading, in both English and Spanish. 

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These Are the Biggest Benefits of Learning a Second Language as a Child
Raising kids to speak more than one language can offer them several benefits. Here are a few benefits of being bilingual and ways to help your kids pick up another language—whether you're bilingual or not.
My Kids Can't Sing Along to Sesame Street, But They Know Our Family's Culture
My children don't know as much about popular American kids books and shows as their peers. But raising my kids bilingual has given them gifts that mainstream culture probably never could.