Best for baby on the go 2023

Best for On the Go

Getting out the door should be simple. These award-winning products chosen by real parents and top experts for Parents' Best for Baby 2023 will help you on your way.

One of the joys of parenthood is showing your baby the world. Whether you’re an avid traveler or taking a trip to the grocery store, you now have a special sidekick. But heading out of the house isn’t as simple as it sounds when you have a baby in tow. You need to be prepared for, well, anything, which means you’ll need a lot of stuff—and not just any stuff either.

Here are products worthy enough for the Parents' 2023 Best for Baby Awards because they make life as comfortable and easy as possible when you’re away from home with your kiddo. Happy travels! 

Meet Our 2023 Best for Baby Award Winners

The Parents' 2023 Best for Baby Awards features 60 products that appeal to various budgets, a few tried-and-true classics, and the new kids on the block—all chosen and tested by top experts, real parents, and our parenting pro editors. Learn more about how we chose this year's winners and explore our top picks in each category:

Best Stretch Wrap

Heritage Baby Designs Stretch Wrap

Heritage Baby Designs

Courtesy of Heritage Baby Designs

Why It’s a Winner: Wearing your baby like a koala is a pure joy. And Heritage Baby Designs’ stretch wrap carriers are a beautiful carrier for new wearers and newborn babies. These carriers are comfortable, size-inclusive, and feel luxurious. The made-in-Canada linen material is lightweight, making this an easy piece to toss in your stroller or suitcase. You’ll have this beauty from newborn to toddler stages. On top of that, we love that this Black-owned business gives back all year to Black Mamas Matter Alliance and Black Health Alliance. Now your biggest decision is which color to buy.

What Our Experts Are Saying: These wraps are made of tencel and spandex which prevents it from feeling too hot once the baby is wrapped in it. The fabric also keeps its shape and molds perfectly over the parent and baby, making it easier to get a comfortable and secure carry.

“The extra length means it is truly size-inclusive,” says Karla Castro, babywearing educator and founder of The Babywearing Club. “Many baby carrier brands have shortened their wraps in recent years, however HBD has ensured their wraps are long enough to fit a wide variety of caregiver body shapes and sizes.”

Price: $63

Best Versatile Carrier

Ergobaby Omni Breeze Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Omni Breeze Baby Carrier

Courtesy of Ergobaby

Why It’s a Winner: The Ergobaby Omni Breeze is easy to adjust, clean, and use as the baby grows. Whether you’re out and about or using it for clingy moments around the house, this one has all the carrying options you’ll need to carry your baby in a safe position from hip to front and back. The lightweight mesh fabric makes it perfect for hot weather and the pockets and pouch are a lifesaver. Parents can never have enough hands, especially when carrying a baby, so you’ll love the option to stash your phone, keys, and whatever else you need.

What Parents Are Saying: Parents are loving how simple, comfortable, and secure this carrier is. “It has many options for carrying, including newborn facing in and baby facing out,” says one parent. “It is quick and easy to safely secure your baby.”

Price: $199

Best Overall Convertible Stroller

Nuna Demi Grow

Nuna Demi Grow

Courtesy of Nuna

Why It’s a Winner: As your family grows, you’ll want the Nuna Demi Grow to accommodate all your family’s needs. It shows its quality all over, from the safe and secure seat, to the eco-friendly fabric, and key details that keep your family in mind. Think an adjustable handle height, magnet feature that shields your baby from all weather conditions, and a color indicator on the car seat that lets you know it's properly attached.

This stroller is not only luxe, it’s also easy to collapse, making it perfect for new parents. The sibling seat function allows you to have stackable seats and the stroller glides seamlessly over any terrain. Easy to use and an attractive design make this stroller such a win.

What Parents Are Saying: Parents are raving about this high quality stroller’s great storage and various features, and as one parent points out, “It is super easy to assemble and collapse and really is the perfect size.”

Price: $950

Best Portable Sound Machine

Sound of Sleep LectroFan Alpha

Sound of Sleep LectroFan Alpha

Courtesy of Sound of Sleep

Why It’s a Winner: Unfortunately, you can’t bring the baby’s nursery with you when you leave the house. But bringing a portable noise machine is a promising way to ensure your baby will get some rest while you’re at the grocery store or taking a walk. The Sound of Sleep LectroFan Alpha has relaxing and soothing sounds, including a heartbeat and the ocean. This is a small wonder you'll want to bring everywhere you go with your baby, and the best part is you can. 

What Parents Are Saying: One parent says this noise machine is far better than the previous one they had because of its feel and quality. “It's an electric machine, but I can't hear the sounds looping at all—and the white/pink noise options are great,” they say.

Price: $24.95

Best Innovative Car Seat and Stroller Combo

Evenflo Shyft DualRide Infant Car Seat & Stroller Combo With Carryall Storage

Evenflo Shyft DualRide Infant Car Seat & Stroller Combo with Carryall Storage

Courtesy of Evenflo

Why It’s a Winner: The Evenflo Shyft DualRide is a high-quality stroller set at a reasonable price point, making it a good option for any baby registry. It’s simple to set up, and the infant car seat keeps the baby cozy and safe. The toddler seat attachment is versatile and the whole system is easy to put together and fold up for storage. Plus, it comes in a variety of cute colors. Various safety features, like the SensorSafe that notifies in real-time about four potentially unsafe conditions, will give parents peace of mind. 

What Parents Are Saying: Light and sleek, the DualRide goes from car seat to stroller in one easy step. “High quality, practical, and most importantly it keeps the baby comfy,” says one parent.

Price: $549.99

Best Lightweight Travel System

Nuna TRVL + PIPA Urban Travel System

Nuna PIPA Urbn + TRVL Travel System

Courtesy of Nuna

Why It’s a Winner: Parents everywhere will rejoice over the TRVL + PIPA Urbn Travel Systems. It’s a baseless infant car seat that can be installed in seconds and weighs only seven pounds. This is a big deal—a car seat might not seem heavy at first, but as your baby grows, your arms will start to feel the weight, especially if you’re lugging it around an airport or even to and from daycare. The car seat clicks into the compact folding stroller in a snap, making this the ultimate travel tool. If you live in an urban area, or are traveling to a city where you’ll be hopping in and out of cabs, you’ll want this product. Actually, you’ll need this product. 

What Parents Are Saying: One parent says this stroller gave her baby daughter a smooth ride on bumpy terrain. “By far, my absolute favorite feature is the one-hand open/close," she adds. "I could not believe how simple it was, and how effortlessly I was able to carry it around and store it in a tiny apartment.”

Price: $900

Best Running Stroller

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Jogging Stroller

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Jogging Stroller

Courtesy of Baby Jogger

Why It’s a Winner: You won’t know you could fall in love with a stroller until you meet the beautifully designed Baby Jogger Summit x3 Jogging Stroller. The team that created this stroller, including fitness pro Robin Arzón, thought of everything you’ll need when you go for a quick jog with your baby. It can handle cobblestones, uneven sidewalks, and hiking paths with great ease.

The signature fold allows parents to pack it up using only one hand, and the handbrake and wrist strap are easy to use in any situation, keeping your baby safe and secure. Plus, the material is soft on baby’s skin and there’s a storage compartment allowing you to take it to the farmer’s market and pack extra snacks for hungry toddlers. So it’s likely your kids will love the Baby Jogger as much as you do. 

What Parents Are Saying: Along with being "amazingly smooth to push," one parent is loving all the features, including the running/safety, shock absorption, adjustable canopy/seat back, and the storage pockets.

Price: $549.99

Best Cost-Effective Stroller

Graco Modes Nest2Grow

Graco Modes Nest2Grow

Courtesy of Graco

Why It’s a Winner: Graco, a trusted brand, has delivered yet another product that will check off all the boxes for what your family needs while on the go—and at a better price than many others. The best feature of the Graco Modes Nest2Grow stroller is its versatility. It’s four strollers in one and you can adjust the seats to whatever you need at the moment. Kids can face their parents or the world. A sleeping baby can easily be reclined and there are a variety of other seating positions that can be added on a whim, including the option to add a car seat, additional toddler seat, or storage basket.

Price: $389.99

Vetted and Tested

We tapped into the insights of our commerce team to choose this winner! This product was expertly reviewed and/or tested by our team of parenting pros. Each product is selected based on a deep analysis of consumer reviews and most are thoroughly tested through real-world hands-on experience by real parents or in our New York City testing lab.

Best Double Stroller

Bumbleride Indie Twin

Bumbleride Indie Twin

Courtesy of Bumbleride

Why It’s a Winner: A long time favorite of twin moms, the Bumbleride Indie Twin side by side double stroller has everything you need. Coming in four colors, this stroller has all-wheel suspension and a narrow silhouette making getting around easier. It also has a quick, compact fold, spacious canopies with UPF 45+ protection, and is completely free from PFAS chemicals. So along with offering their little ones comfort, parents can rest assured that this stroller is free of harmful elements too. 

What Our Experts Are Saying: This vibrant stroller is a win for twins, says Natalie Diaz, founder of Twiniversity. "With its actual air tires, you can adjust the pressure so even if your twinnies are different weights (or two children), you'll always be able to push the stroller straight," says Diaz. "It's also a quick fold and can go from birth to 90 pounds and is only 30 inches wide (a standard doorway is 36 inches).”

Price: $899

Best Innovative Mobility

Veer Switchback Seat

Veer Switchback Stroller

Courtesy of Veer

Why It’s a Winner: Outdoorsy parents rejoice over the versatility of the Veer Switchback Stroller system. Heck, even if you’re not outdoorsy, you’ll still want this stroller. Whether you’re hitting the trails or the mall, the Veer Switchback has everything. The cozy switchback seat has multiple positions for your baby and can even be used as a booster seat at restaurants.

Miraculously that one seat can also be used as a bike seat, snapped into the Veer jogging stroller base, or used as a place to keep your baby contained at a public event with the Veer chill base. You can also adjust the height of the handlebar, which helps keep parents comfy. The stroller is wide enough to be sturdy but not so cumbersome that it prevents you from folding it up in a flash. 

What Parents Are Saying: As a stroller this can make its way through rough terrain with one parent explaining, “In the area where we live, there are a lot of hills and pushing the stroller felt like a pretty easy feat.” Another positive? “Most of the packaging is recyclable, which is a big plus for me.”

Price: $399 (plus other bases)

Best City Stroller

Thule Spring Stroller

Thule Spring Stroller

Courtesy of Thule

Why It’s a Winner: From the cobblestones of Europe to the crowds of Times Square, the Thule Spring Stroller is the perfect compact option for urban living or your next trip. Not only does it look great—and comes in an array of colors (the misty rose is gorgeous!)—it’s also lightweight and sturdy. It can be assembled in less than 10 minutes and has an easy one-hand fold, below deck storage space, and a full lay back option for naps on the go. 

What Parents Are Saying: One parent has struggled taking strollers in and out of the car, but not with this one. “I was able to unload and open this stroller with my 9-month-old on my hip! Huge win!” the parent says. “It's also easy to maneuver with one hand (if you need to hold a toddler's hand with the other like me).”

Price: $400

Best Bottle Labels

Mabel's Labels Baby Bottle Bands

Mabel's Labels Baby Bottle Bands

Courtesy of Mabel's Labels

Why It’s a Winner: Parents may need bottle labels for when they drop off their baby at daycare or a nanny share—or even to separate bottles between kids. Mabel's Labels Baby Bottle Bands are a great option for keeping all those bottles organized. And after many washes in the dishwasher or runs through the sterilizer, these labels will still be going strong. Plus, they look super cute. 

What Parents Are Saying: Parents love the ease of these labels and how functional they are. “The bands slipped right onto our baby's bottles and did not stretch out,” one parent says. “I also liked how the name on the label didn't distort as it stretched; it remained easy to read.”

Price: $15

Best Travel Crib

Silver Cross Slumber Travel Crib

Silver Cross Slumber Travel Crib

Courtesy of Silver Cross

Why It’s a Winner: A travel crib is an essential item for any parent taking a trip. And, even if you’re not leaving the house, sometimes you’ll want to set up a travel crib in the living room or porch as a playpen. The Silver Cross Slumber Travel Crib really does it all. It’s easy to set up and fold down for storage. The travel bag is durable and high quality, so you’ll have no problems checking it on the plane. And, most importantly, your baby will sleep comfortably on the thick mattress. Best of all, there’s a bassinet feature so this is a great buy to take you from the newborn to toddler stages. 

What Parents Are Saying: One parent says this was easier and faster to put together than other travel cribs she’s used. But the best measure of success of all? “The kid slept great!”

Price: $299

Best Diaper Bag

Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Sprout Diaper Backpack

Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Sprout Diaper Backpack

Courtesy of Herschel Supply Co.

Why It’s a Winner: Not all diaper bags are created equal. And some of us want a diaper bag that looks, well, not like a diaper bag. Meet the Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Sprout Diaper Backpack. Not only does it look modern, it’s also super spacious. It has a number of compartments making it easy to pack for day trips and everyday outings. It’s also easy to carry and small enough to stow away in the bottom of your stroller or under an airplane seat. Best of all, it’s easy to clean!

Price: $100

Vetted and Tested

We tapped into the insights of our commerce team to choose this winner! This product was expertly reviewed and/or tested by our team of parenting pros. Each product is selected based on a deep analysis of consumer reviews and most are thoroughly tested through real-world hands-on experience by real parents or in our New York City testing lab.

Best Infant Car Seat

Chicco KeyFit 30 ClearTex

Chicco KeyFit 30

Courtesy of Chicco

Why It’s a Winner: You can’t bring your baby home from the hospital without a proper car seat. And the last thing you’ll want to deal with is navigating a tricky car seat installation. The Chicco KeyFit 30 Cleartex is one of the easiest, safest options on the market. This model is easy to install and the carrier is ultra lightweight. We weren’t able to interview any infants but the extra cushioning does seem very comfortable.

As a bonus, it’s also easy to adjust the straps as your baby grows. And, if your baby is born in the middle of winter, the Chicco KeyFit 30 will keep them extra warm and cozy. There’s also a removable panel for warmer weather and we love that the Keyfit 30 Cleartex is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meaning it has lower chemical emissions, contributing to healthier air quality around your baby.

What Our Experts Are Saying: Experts love that this Chicco infant seat has a rethread harness. “We generally see a better newborn fit with this type of headrest,” says Michelle Pratt, founder of Safe in the Seat, also adding, “The base is very easy to install with the lower anchors.”

Price: $229.99

Best Convertible Car Seat

Britax One4Life All in One

Britax One4Life All in One

Courtesy of Britax

Why It’s a Winner: The Britax One4Life All in One Car Seat is a great option if you’re using multiple cars or passing your baby off to various caretakers and family members. It’s quick to install, so you can feel comfortable letting friends and family use it in their cars. The fabric feels thick and comfy. The handlebar for carrying it is convenient, too. The shoulder pads stay put and don’t slide down because of how they’re attached to the fabric. And, best of all, you won’t need to throw your whole body across the seat because of how easily it can be clicked into your car. 

What Our Experts Are Saying: Along with being easy to install, this car seat has some useful features. “It has long-lasting rear-facing limits and a tall harness height, so it's an excellent option for higher percentile children,” says Michelle Pratt, founder of Safe in the Seat. “You can also buy an anti-rebound bar to go with it, which is an added safety feature for rear-facing.”

Price: $399

Best Milk Warmer

Quark Buubi Bottle

Quark Buubi Bottle

Courtesy of Quark

Why It’s a Winner: The creators of the Quark Buubi Bottle thought of everything. From the packaging to the technology, every part of this portable milk warmer is high quality and well-made. It can be used whether you’re nursing or providing formula. The option to plug it into a USB for charging is super convenient. The battery also charges quickly and will last for up to 10 hours. The bottle is lightweight and won’t take up much room in your bag. New parents will love that you can warm the milk to a precise temperature and it’s durable enough that it’ll survive a tumble out of a stroller. 

What Parents Are Saying: One parent says she's ditching her other bottle warmer for this one because it's simply "amazing." She adds, "it holds a charge, so no cord or outlet is needed and it heats up milk quickly to a precise temperature and doesn’t require any water."

Price: $114.99

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