Backstage Pass: What it's Like To Be a KIDZ BOP Kid

KIDZ BOP stars Cami and Giavanni share advice on following their passions, their dream collaborations, and lots of behind-the-scenes scoop on recording the brand new KIDZ BOP Audible series.

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If you have elementary school-aged kids, then you're well aware that it's a KIDZ BOP world and we're all just living in it. To catch you up, KIDZ BOP is the number one music brand for kids—featuring talented kids singing the biggest pop music hits in a family-friendly style.

But wholesome image aside, KIDZ BOP is serious business. They've sold more than 23 million albums and generated over eight billion streams—not to mention their uber-popular world tours. KIDZ BOP even has bragging rights to Zendaya (Euphoria), Olivia Holt (Cruel Summer), and Noah Munck (The Goldbergs) as some of their famous alumni.

Now, Kidz Bop is taking over a new medium with the launch of their first-ever scripted Audible series called KIDZ BOP Never Stop: The Tour Bus Adventures. Each of the eight episodes is inspired by an original KIDZ BOP song (and includes a dance break) where KIDZ BOP members Knowledge, Egan, Giavanni, and Cami invite listeners to join them for their adventures on the road, on stage, and behind the scenes. They also experience school stress, manage friendships, and overcome fears and self-doubt making the series fun, entertaining, and relatable.

We had the chance to sit down with Giavanni, 13, and Cami, 14, for a peek into what it's really like being a member of KIDZ BOP. Full disclosure: My 8-year-old daughter is a mega fan and while I always knew KIDZ BOP was a great choice, I was blown away by what great models they are with good heads on their shoulders. To find a passion, such as singing and dancing, at such a young age is admirable. But to have the drive to pursue those dreams as a kid is an impressive feat.


What was it like recording the Audible series KIDZ BOP Never Stop: The Tour Bus Adventures? Did you have any input on the plots or the topics?

Cami: We had the best time recording. It was super cool because the four of us got to record together and we were feeding off of each other's energy. We had a script, but sometimes we went off it and made our own jokes.

Which episode was your favorite?

Giavanni: My favorite episode was definitely where Knowledge was afraid to go on a water slide and we kept encouraging him until he eventually went on the medium slide. The message is it's okay to be afraid and it's okay to take baby steps towards your goal. But what's most important is that we helped him throughout.

Cami: One of my favorites is Gia's birthday and she thought we forgot about it, but it was actually a surprise. She was sad but didn't know we planned this huge party for her. Then she was super happy because her friends didn't forget her birthday.

What's been some of the most meaningful experiences you've had with fans?

Cami: Every time I meet the KIDZ BOP fans I love it. On tour, we do meet and greets at the end of the show and a girl came up to me with a friendship bracelet that she made by hand. I keep it with me. It was a very special moment that I will always remember. So that was really sweet.

Talk about following a passion at such a young age...what advice do you have for other kids—and their parents who might be apprehensive?

Giavanni: My advice to kids that want to get into showbiz is to just go for it. Never be afraid, just follow your dreams. I started acting, singing, and dancing when I was only 3 years old.

Cami: Also, if you really want it, and if that's your dream and your goal, keep working hard for it. Never give up because there are always tough moments. There are always moments when you want to give up or you're tired—but just keep being consistent and keep practicing because one day you'll definitely make it and it'll be amazing. And for the parents? Well, I know it's really hard because they'll have to put so much time into their kids, but my parents have always supported me since I was very little.

How do you balance KIDZ BOP with school?

Cami: School is the number one priority for KIDZ BOP and for all of us. We have to keep our grades good, be up-to-date with school, and we have on-set teachers on the road or when we're recording music videos. I love doing school with the other KIDZ BOP kids—we call it KB Academy. Sometimes when we finish early, we watch movies. When we were recording at Audible, we actually did that too.

How do you describe the bond and community you've created with your fellow KIDZ BOP members?

Giavanni: Our bond is so strong, we're like family. We really care for one another. And even when we're 1000 miles away, because we all live in different places, we still text and FaceTime.

Which pop stars out there do you look up to and would want to collaborate with?

Giavanni: Aretha Franklin, Ariana Grande, or Halle Bailey who stars as Ariel in the new Little Mermaid movie.

Cami: I love Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Adele's a really great singer that I would love to sing with. I also record Spanish music, so there's an artist called Sebastian Yatra and I would love to sing with him.

How do you just chill out when you need some time for yourself with such busy KIDZ BOP schedules?

Giavanni: Listening to music is a really great way to relax—and meditating or breathing for ten seconds.

Cami: Listening to music also helps me but I know what I'm going to say is going to sound a bit weird, but one way I disconnect from work is by going to a dance class, I know that's what makes my body tired but I'm learning and it's a safe and fun space. It's what I love.

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