Traveling in the car with newborn twins is less stressful if you plan ahead. Here are ways to survive your car trip with two babies in the backseat.

How to Take Car Trips With Twins
Credit: Eva Marchenko/Shutterstock

Plan your route -- Driving without knowing the exact location of your destination is not your best bet when traveling with twins. Map out a direct route before you start the trip, or use a GPS system to get where you need to go fast.

Schedule wisely -- If you can leave at the time your twins normally nap, your trip will be much easier. Consider driving at night, when the babies would normally be asleep.

Pack efficiently -- There are so many things you'll probably need to pack that fitting everything into the trunk can be like putting a puzzle together. Eliminate all nonessentials and stow everything in the car beforehand. The twins should be the last to load in.

Adjust car seats -- Before bringing the twins out to the car, make sure that their car seats are ready to go and loosen the straps to make load-in easier.

Fill 'er up -- Start your journey with a full tank of gas.

Keep bottles and snacks handy -- There's nothing worse than hearing a screaming baby (or two) in the backseat and realizing that the bottles or snacks are in the trunk. Keep all the necessities within arm's reach (and pull over if you must). Make sure you have everything you need for yourself on hand, such as your cell phone, a bottle of water, and a snack.

Hit rest stops -- Taking a car trip with your twins is not the time to see if you can push on and make the four-hour trip to Grandma's without stopping. Your babies probably need a diaper change as often as you need to go to the bathroom. Plus, a little fresh air will make everyone happier travelers. Even if both twins are asleep, you may still want to pull over to avoid two massive meltdowns (and leaking diapers) when they finally wake up.

Tag team diaper changes -- If you're traveling with another adult, take turns stretching your legs and taking each baby to the bathroom. Going it alone? No problem. Wheel both babies into the bathroom and take your time freshening everyone up.

Get silly -- A car trip with your twins can actually be great bonding time. Sing your favorite songs together (a round of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" will make the miles speed by!).

Let them sleep -- Many twins use a car trip as an opportunity to catch some zzz's. Let your little ones nap and bask in some much-needed quiet time.

Arrive to a set-up space -- If you can, arrange to have cribs or Pack 'N Plays already set up at your destination. With two little potentially hungry and cranky travelers on your hands, the last thing you want to do is take the time and energy to set up baby equipment.