How to Breastfeed Twins



Hi. I'm Kimberly Durdin. I'm a board-certified lactation consultant, and I've been helping moms breastfeed for over 20 years. So, you've heard the news, you're going to have twins. I bet you're so excited. And you were planning to breastfeed. But now that you know you're having two babies, you might be wondering, "Is it still possible to breastfeed if I have twins?" Well, yes. Breastfeeding twins is twice as nice. It really is. Breastfeeding is really great if you have one baby. But if you have two babies, it's wonderful. Moms who breastfeed twins report a high level of satisfaction in their decision to breastfeed. Believe it or not, it cuts the work of a mom of twins down considerably. All of the benefits of breast milk that would happen if you were breastfeeding one baby-- which is optimal health and also reduced incidence of illness, sicknesses, allergies, all those sorts of problems-- you get a double benefit. Both of your babies will benefit from those very same things. And if you think it's hard to deal with a baby who's sick-- one baby who's sick-- think if both of your babies are getting sick because they don't have anything to protect them against illnesses and diseases like breast milk does. If you're considering breastfeeding twins, you might be wondering, "How was it possible that I could make enough milk to feed two babies?" Well, breast milk supply is related to supply and demand. So, if you have two babies who are nursing all the time, your body will make enough milk for those babies based on the fact that they're demanding your body to make milk. Most moms of twins make perfect milk for their baby, just enough milk for their baby with no need to supplement. You might be wondering also, "How will I position my babies at the breast when I have two babies? It's enough to learn how to position one baby at the breast, but what about two babies?" Well, it's really-- breastfeeding twins can be a bit challenging at the beginning. A lot of moms, when they first give birth to twins, might start out by breastfeeding each baby individually. That way, she kind of can learn their particular style of nursing, their particular pattern of suckling. She'll get to know that baby individually. After a couple of days or weeks, a lot of moms of twins then begin to feel adventurous, and they decide to try to nurse both babies at one time. One of the benefits of nursing both babies at the same time is that it actually saves moms a lot of time. If she can nurse both babies together, then she has some additional time in her schedule. And you can imagine that having twins, breastfeeding and caring for twins will take up most of mom's time. When breastfeeding twins, we would use the same positions that we would use with one baby. But of course, now, we have two babies. So, to get more information on great breastfeeding positions for twins, I love the website That's La Leche League International website. And if you go to that website, there's a plethora of information on breastfeeding twins, as well as pictures of how you can best position your twins. It's important for any mom to get support when she has a new baby, whether she's breastfeeding or not. But it's especially important for a mom of twins. There are some wonderful organizations out there that help support moms of twins and more. Then, we have some wonderful organizations and websites that help support moms of twins and moms of multiples. Definitely do a search for twins organizations, mothers of multiples organizations, to get the support you need from parents who really understand what it's like to have two or more babies. You might also find that having a really great nursing pillow when you're breastfeeding twins can be very, very helpful because of course, you're going to be handling two babies, especially as they get-- especially as they get heavier. Sometimes, that extra support from a very good nursing pillow can be really, really helpful. There are nursing pillows, too, that are designed especially for moms of two babies. So, you can look for those. I hope this helps you see how breastfeeding twins is possible, and I encourage you to get the support that you need to make it a wonderful experience. Your babies will truly benefit from your decision to breastfeed. Thanks for watching.

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