Raising Twins

Even the most prepared and experienced parent may not know exactly how to raise twins. Here we'll teach you what you need to know about raising twins.

The Bittersweet Story Behind This Photo of Baby Twins Holding Hands

The photo of newborn twin brothers Lucas and Cooper Keen holding hands has gone viral, but there's more to their story.

Smart Ways to Help New Parents of Twins

One mom of twins gives advice on how friends can help twin-parents-to-be.

Parenting Twins: A Dad's Perspective

Ever wonder what it's like to be the dad of twins? This dad offers his perspective, as well as advice for all dads.

This Woman Made Medical History By Getting Pregnant When She Was Already 10 Days Pregnant

The condition is called superfetation, and it's so rare, her doctor had to Google it!

Parenting Twins: Questions About Life with Multiples

The mother of boy-and-girl twins, and author of Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice from Pregnancy through the First Year, answers questions about her twins' personalities and behaviors.

Parenting Twins: Personalities & Behaviors

The mother of boy-and-girl twins and author of Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice from Pregnancy through the First Year, answers questions about her twins' personalities and behaviors.

Twins & Multiples: Surviving the First Year

From feeding and diapering, to telling them apart.

How Does She Do It? Raising Multiples!

Many a tear has been shed over getting one little baby on a schedule. But what about the moms of multiples who somehow manage to get their kids to be aligned to each other's eating and napping and bedtime routines? We asked the mothers of twins and triplets to share their tricks for getting through the day. Use their hard-won wisdom to help you with your one -- or your many.

Twin Newborns: 8 Items You'll Need in Bulk!

Bulk shopping for one baby is a good idea, but for twins it's a necessity!

How to Fly With Twins

The key to flying with twins is preparing as much as possible before you take off. Here are some tips that make your flights a bit easier to manage.

Celebs Talk Parenting Twins

Zoe Saldana, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Stephen Moyer, Celine Dion, Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt open up about what life is like with twins.

After Baby: Back To Work After Twins

Michelle went back to work full-time when her twins were 18 months old, and the transition held a few surprises.

All About Twins, Triplets, and More!

They can double your pleasure and triple your fun! Here's everything you ever wanted to know about raising two, three, four, and more.

How to Shop With Twins

Running errands with newborn twins may seem intimidating, but these tactics make shopping with two babies less stressful.

What Parents of Multiples Need

Essential tips from parents of multiples on sleep strategies, nursing, what you really need to buy, and lots, lots more.

How to Take Car Trips With Twins

Traveling in the car with newborn twins is less stressful if you plan ahead. Here are ways to survive your car trip with two babies in the backseat.

Managing Multiples

Whether you're expecting multiples or navigating life with twins, triplets, or more, you'll appreciate advice on how to survive and thrive. Here's what you need to know to get through the stages that lie ahead.

Top Comments You'll Hear as Parents of Twins

New parents are faced with lots of comments about their new babies, and parents of twins seem to hear them doubly! Here are the top comments you'll hear as twin parents.

Watch: Twin Finds Out She's 1 Minute Younger and Can't Handle the Truth

Finding out they aren't 100 percent identical is just too much to take for these toddler twins.

Rare 'Momo' Twins Delight the Internet With Adorable Instagram Account

These babies are so dang cute, you'd never guess they were born under very scary circumstances.

These Twin Moms Are Seeing Double--Again!

These twin sisters have two sets of doubles each!

This Mom Just Gave Birth to Her Third Set of Twins in 26 Months--Naturally!

"I was completely unprepared," said the mom, who recently started a GoFundMe page to help the family pay for baby supplies.

Raising Quintuplets May Not Be Serene, But Their Baby Photos Are!

Photographer Erin Elizabeth Hoskins once again captures magical photos of mom Kim Tucci and her quintuplets.