How can I breastfeed twins?

Q: Can you breastfeed twins at the same time?

A: Yes. In fact, most experts recommend simultaneous feedings, because otherwise just when you're finished with one, another will need to be fed. You can feed them simultaneously by holding both in the football hold position, or holding them in cradle holds with their bodies crossing each other. It's also possible to hold one baby in the cradle hold and the other in the football hold. Try alternating breasts with each baby. By giving both babies the chance to use both sides, you'll make up for any difference in their demands. For instance, if one baby is a bigger drinker than the other, alternating will keep the supply in both breasts even. And don't worry about making enough milk. Because milk production works on a supply-and-demand basis, your body can step up production to meet the need. You'll have to take in more calories and liquids than most breastfeeding mothers do, however. Eating full, healthy meals and snacks will be more important than ever. --Jessica Hartshorn

Originally published in American Baby magazine, December 2002. Updated 2009

Answered by American Baby Team

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