Learn how to master the art of bottle-feeding twin newborns with these tips.

baby bottles
Credit: Bryan McCay

Make bottles beforehand -- You'll probably go through between 12 and 16 bottles a day, so you'll save a lot of time if you make them the night before. Set up a bottle warmer on the kitchen counter if you wish to use one; when someone cries, you'll be ready to go.

Position your bouncy seats -- Have two bouncy seats positioned where you want to feed your twins. When it's feeding time, all you need to do is strap them in their seats and bring over the bottles.

Use a nursing pillow -- Use a twin-size nursing pillow (or two single-size feeding pillows) to bottle-feed your twins. The pillow wraps around your abdomen and allows one baby to rest on either side of the pillow. Whatever you use to hold your babies, make sure they are on an incline and not lying flat on their back.

Get ready to multitask -- The easiest way to simultaneously bottle-feed twins is to hold a bottle in each hand and feed them together. If your arms get tired, try placing a pillow under each of them, and know that soon enough holding up those bottles will feel very natural.

Don't forget to burp -- Take turns burping each baby. One twin may cry while his sister is being burped, but that's okay; this is just the first of many instances in which your twins will have to learn the fine art of practicing patience.

Encourage self-feeding -- You can't expect a newborn to feed himself and you should never prop bottles up for your twins; this can result in a spit-up or worse. Try placing your babies' hands on their bottles. Don't give up if they let go right away. Your twins will soon become more adept at holding their own bottles.

Feed them individually -- You don't have to feed your twins simultaneously (though it is definitely a good idea to get them on the same schedule). It's okay to feed one twin and then the other, or, if another adult is present, enlist him to feed one of the babies for you.

Start with slow nipples -- You might be tempted to use a "fast" nipple to expedite bottle-feedings, but don't give in. Small babies can't drink quickly and you'll end up with a mess and spit-up. Go with the "slow" nipple and take it easy.

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