With twins, you've got twice as much work. Here you'll get tips to help you raise twins and stay sane at the same time. Plus information on caring for twins.

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It's Twins! How Four Became Our Family's Magic Number

In this month's letter from the editor, Parents' Liz Vaccariello shares the story of how she and her husband became proud members of the parents-of-twins club.
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8 Things Not to Say to a Mom of Twins

This mom of twins has heard it all—a thousand times. But that doesn't mean it's okay for you to say it.
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Conjoined Twins in Switzerland Are Youngest to Be Separated Successfully

Doctors in Switzerland have successfully separated eight-day-old twin girls who were conjoined at the chest and liver.
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Twins Beat 150,000-to-1 Odds of Babies Being Born the Same Day

They may live 10,000 miles apart, but that cannot break the bond between these twin brothers, who are now fathers to babies with the same birthday.