Baby Sleep Tips

Getting your baby to sleep through the night is a milestone every parent lusts for. But when it comes to sleep each baby is different, and as a result what works for one, won't necessarily work for the other. Here you'll get our best collection of sleep tips and advice to get your baby to bed.

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We Asked a Pediatrician and a Sleep Consultant The Best Way to Sleep Train, Here's What They Said

My infant's sleepless nights were affecting me so much that I had a fender bender. I decided it was time to sleep train and turned to the experts to get their tips. Here's what I learned.
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4 Baby Exercises That Can Actually Help Her Sleep

These smart stretches and moves can be done during the day in order to help your baby fall asleep when the sun goes down.
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Does Your Baby Need a SIDS Monitor?

We spoke with two pediatricians to learn about the benefits and risks of using a SIDS prevention monitor, as well as investigated the latest studies and statistics, to find out if they are worth trying.
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Why You Should Definitely Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling gives babies security that feels familiar to the womb. Dr. Harvey Karp, author of Happiest Toddler on the Block, shares how swaddling keeps babies safe and helps promote good sleep. 
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Could 'Breastsleeping' Mean More Sleep For Moms?

Bed-sharing is a hot button issue, with many encouraging parents to sleep away from their infants—but one expert claims "breastsleeping" is the best arrangement.
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5 Best Baby Sound Machines for Sleeping

These sound machines designed to help baby sleep are equipped with genius features like scene projectors, shush recorders, and voice activation. We suggest adding one to the top of your registry or shopping list ASAP.
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More Baby Sleep Tips

12 Steps to Sleep-Training Success

Crying it out isn't the only way. See what experts and sleep studies have to say about the best sleep-training methods for baby. 
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Baby Sleep Myths Every Parent Should Know

Grandparents, friends, and society flood parents with well-meaning advice, but how can Mom and Dad be sure they are receiving accurate information? With help from Dr. Andrew Adesman and his book "Baby Facts", we separate baby myths from reality.
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The Realistic Mom's Guide to Baby Sleeping

It’s tempting to do whatever it takes to get your baby to sleep. Experts weigh in on how to make sleep happen, with safety in mind.