How to Manage Two Kids' Sleep Schedules

Sleep-training one child is tricky enough, let alone getting two little ones on the same nighttime schedule. Baby sleep expert Ingrid Prueher helps one family find a solution.


My name is Ingrid Prewer and I used to work with the sharks on Wall Street. But now, I have a much tougher job. They call me the baby sleep whisperer. [MUSIC] Hi I'm Elisa I'm Vinny and we have two kids, Emily, who's four, and Shane who is one and a half. Their routine is not having a routine. There's two very distinct ways they go to bed. Night, good night. Shane either goes to bed On me or the carrier, or he goes to bed breastfeeding. And then he sleeps with us at night We have a crib in our bedroom, in seventeen months, he's probably spent five hours in it. This is currently our son's crib. Because he was so attached to me at night, I've been unable to sleep in bed, with my husband. Do you want to go brush your teeth? I didn't even have dessert. So with Emily's bedtime routine I think, it's being able to say okay you're a big girl, lights out, good night, mommy daddy love you, and having her be able to sort of put herself to bed. As it is right now, she wants us to sleep with her until she's completely out and then you can kind of sneak out of the room. But honestly it's just not very conducive at this point, especially with Shane. Ahh! [SOUND] Hi. Hi. How are you? The situation's about empowering him and empowering Emily to become independent. This independency is within reason. So now you need to believe it and you both Stick through it and be consistent. Yeah We need to focus on creating structure in regards to meaning what we say and following through. And in about a month, everyone will be sleeping. [MUSIC] With Emily, we're using something called the chair method. What I'm going to do is place the chair, not facing her, Mhm but right next to her. You can get into bed and read her the books, but after the lights are out, you sit in the chair. Okay. The first time you move the chair, you probably will move it right about here. Two or three days later, Right about here and then eventually it's gonna be right outside in the hallway. But the idea is to empower Emily so she doesn't feel like that anxiety of being alone and that's what happens. Hi cutie. So what we're going to start with as of today is we're going to have Vinny and Shane sleep in the bed. And I'm gonna kick you out of your own bedroom. Just for a little while. Why? Because we know that Shayne will wake up the closer you are to him. He does smell you, so he's more tempted to wake up and kind of look for that comfort. After about two weeks, what we'll do is have you comeback into the room, but now you and Vinny are gonna work together to help him sleep in the crib. Okay. So we're gonna put Shane in the crib and we're gonna hug him, until he falls asleep. It's really important to do this because we want him to fall asleep on his own, so if he goes asleep awake He close his eyes on his own, he's more likely to put himself to sleep every time he wakes in the middle of the night. And you both will be finally able to enjoy your bed as husband and wife again not having the kids in between you [LAUGH]. That would be wonderful. [CROSSTALK] Yes. Over the next two weeks Dunleavys have some ups and downs. [SOUND] But they held their ground and? She's asleep. [MUSIC] Our bed that he's not in. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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