Getting Baby #3 To Sleep

Baby sleep whisperer Ingrid Prueher meets Mara, whose three-and-a-half-month old son wakes constantly between midnight and 6am. This leaves Mara, who has two other children, dangerously sleep-deprived. Ingrid gives her the tools to tackle the issue.


[MUSIC] My name is Ingrid Prueher and I used to work with the sharks on Wall Street. But now I have a much tougher job. They call me the Baby Sleep Whisperer. [MUSIC] Hello! So nice to meet you! Thank you. We're like family now, we're going to be working together. My name is Maria Koby, and this is my son Ethan, he is turning three and a half months old. we are a family of five. So it is crazy. My biggest challenge is really making sure that I get enough sleep and Ethan gets enough sleep so that I can keep on top of everything. Oh no, you weren't ready for that. Okay, okay. I have to say honestly, I have not slept in two weeks. He's up usually around midnight and then he's up throughout the night until six or seven in the morning. So, I'm pretty behind with the laundry. Can't be bothered with that. That right now. And I did put the ice cream in the pantry the other day so I'd guess that's a classic sign of being tired. Mar's showing the classic signs of sleep deprivation and it's dangerous. Driving while drowsy is a factor in more than a hundred thousand car crashes. Crashes a year in the US. When you're sleep deprived, you know, you're driving and you're just, you know, trying to pay extra attention to the road, or when your kids are asking you questions you feel really overwhelmed. So I'm really just looking for a good night's sleep. Let's start by you showing me Ethan's sleep environment [MUSIC] So this has been where Ethan's been sleeping with us. The first thing i notice is that, Mara's, made a really basic mistake. There's just too much light. I'm going to start by just turning off the lights. Okay. Okay? Because we want to make an environment that's conducive to sleep. Okay so let's get him ready to sleep. Okay. You put him on his back and we're going to walk away. And we can start closing the blinds, okay? I often recommend blackout shades for babies' room. With near total darkness, Ethan goes right down. Now, it's time to tackle a bigger problem. How to keep track of what works, and what doesn't. Let's sit down and let's discuss logging. All right. Okay, especially now that he's down and we have some time. It's one of those things that I recommend all parents do. Okay. One because you're sleep deprived. There's no way you can retain all of that information. Mm-hm. Two because it's important to know what's happening on a daily basis because you can go back and refer to it. What time he goes down to sleep. What time he wakes up. What time he feeds, how long he feeds for, since you;re a nursing mom, mood wise, diaper changes. I want to declutter your mind, because you're exhausted. So in the meantime let's put it somewhere else where it's in a good place where you can always go back and refer. Okay. And it gives us a lot of great information. I'm so tired. And you walk around with like a fog in your head all the time. So, I'm, I;m ready for the fog to be lifted. It's Maura and Ethan, and we're just checking in to talk about how the logging has been going. As a mom on the run I have to say, logging is just not that easy. So I simplified things and now I'm just simply logging when he wakes up, when he goes to bed, and how often he's napping. And, hopefully from here we'll begin to see some patterns and Ingrid can continue to work with me so that we can have a better nights sleep. [MUSIC] As a busy mom, devoting time to sleep training can be tough. But logging a little is better than not logging at all. Once that information is down on paper it can be incredibly helpful for Mara. She'll see patterns that she didn't pick up on before because of her packed schedule. Like missing a feeding or a nap, or letting Ethan nap too long on some days in comparison to others. Logging is the only way to find these inconsistencies and correct them. An important step towards having a sleeping baby. Say yes, we can tell me. [LAUGH] [NOISE] [MUSIC]

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