Baby Sleep Solution: Change The Feeding Schedule

Lauren and Rich have a five-month-old who feeds twice in the middle of the night. Lauren, a teacher, is only getting about three hours of sleep a night. Ingrid shows her how to alter the nursing schedule to ensure the baby doesn't wake up every three hours.


My name is Ingrid Prueher, and I used to work with the sharks on Wall Street. But now, I have a much tougher job. They call me the Baby Sleep Whisperer. [MUSIC] I'm Lauren. I'm Rich. This is Parker. And he's five and a half months old. Parker is so happy and calm, but he stopped sleeping at three and a half months. [NOISE] He really isn't relying on nursing to go back to sleep. [NOISE]. It's 1 o'clock in the morning, and I've gotten about three hours of sleep. Parker has already eaten twice, and the last time he was up for 45 minutes. I'm exhausted and don't know how I'm going to work tomorrow. We're hoping that Ingrid can obviously help with him sleeping at night, especially for Lauren's sake so that [MUSIC] You know she gets some, some more rest. [LAUGH] And I can stop being so grumpy. Yeah, exactly [LAUGH] exactly. That would be a big help. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [NOISE] Hi. Hi, Parker. He's a happy baby. Now I heard that you're a working mom, right? I am a working mom. So how is that kinda trickling in to your every day day life? So I'm pretty exhausted. I know, I mean I get the most, I get a three hour stretch sometimes and I teach, so it's hard to be on my toes all day. I sleep a little bit. A little bit longer. [LAUGH] Like the whole night. I can't breast feed him. So. Yeah. If we can make that happen, a lot of moms will be very happy. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I'm looking around and I'm telling you, you've done a wonderful job. Thank you. There's. A breathable bumper. And there's a fitted sheet. We have a white noise machine. We do. Which is great. I'm all about recreating the rooms setting. And so can you just show me how you place him into the crib when you first get him in. He's like I'm not ready for a nap. Do you ever find that he scoots over to one location in the crib? Yeah he usually comes to this side. Okay. I want you to place him just like that so that he doesn't have to work. To get to that point. Okay. And then make sure that his feet are touching the bottom railings. He's doing that because he's trying to get security. Let's talk a little bit about the daycare situation. He sleeps in a pack and play. Okay. And there he actually does not fall asleep eating. Hm, isn't that funny. Yeah. Interesting. And he just [CROSSTALK]. Yeah. Are you playing mom and dad. Because Parker sleeps at daycare without nursing, I know he doesn't really need to eat in order to fall asleep. He's waking up because he's hungry. I'm going to recommend that Lauren changes the times she's nursing him and how much he eats. Getting a jump on these feedings will help ensure that he doesn't wake up. Every three hours to eat. What time does he typically wake up? 10:30 and then like 1:30 and 4. 4 okay. 10:30 feeding, I don't always recommend this, I want you to go in and dream feed him at 9:30 pm. Dream feeding in a nutshell is you go in and you your feed your child even though they did not wake up. And what if he doesn't want to eat when I wake him up. Then we don't force him. Okay. If he doesn't want to eat, just put him back down and leave the room. What the Dream Feed is gonna do for us, is, you can go to sleep earlier and not have to wake up for a 10:30 feeding. And ideally he will sleep until that next 1:30 feeding. In addition to the Dream Feed I also want Lauren to ween Parker off the 1:30am. Feeding by ending it by one minute earlier each night. Eventually, he'll sleep through that time. And then she can repeat this method with the 4 a.m. waking. So it's not about taking calories away from him all in a fell swoop. It's, it's really redistributing so that his body has enough time to make the shift. And expand his belly a little bit more, so you can take a little bit in more at a time. Okay. So this is a process, and we're gonna get there, and the consistency is just so important. It doesn't mean that you have to consistent at daycare because he's not in his home environment. Here he is. How does that all sound now? It sounds great. Yeah? Mm-hm. Doable? Yup. Anything now, right? Anyway I can get sleep. I know. [LAUGH] Taking one minute off of feeding per night might not sound like much. But with consistency, I am confident Parker will sleep for a minimum of five hours at a time, in only a few weeks. Small steps will make a huge impact over time.

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