Sleep Schedule

Establishing a consistent sleep schedule for your baby can make a world of difference in helping him sleep and be the happy baby you want him to be. Here you'll learn how much sleep your baby needs, what's the right schedule for him, how to develop bedtime routines, and more.

Overcoming Baby's Bedtime Battles

Does your baby or toddler love the nightlife? We have the answers to your biggest sleep problems.

Changing Baby's Sleep Schedule

Dr. Alan Greene answers the question, How can I get my baby to sleep later in the morning?

When Do Babies Sleep Through the Night?

Do your baby's sleep habits (or lack thereof) have you feeling like a zombie? Be patient. A full night's sleep is on its way. Learn when babies start sleeping through the night and what it means for your baby's physical and cognitive development.

Establish a Bedtime Routine for Baby

It's never too early to start a bedtime routine with your baby. In fact most babies will be receptive to a schedule around 6-8 weeks. Bedtime routines calm your child and prepare him for a good night's sleep, which is vital to happiness (both yours and Baby's) in the morning!

12 Steps to Sleep-Training Success

Crying it out isn't the only way. See what experts and sleep studies have to say about the best sleep-training methods for baby.

The Best Schedule for Your Baby

From breakfast to bedtime, a set routine can make the days--and nights--a lot more manageable.

Getting A New Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Baby sleep whisperer Ingrid Prueher meets Eric and Laura, whose baby will only go to sleep when her mother rocks her, and sleeps in a portable rocker. Ingrid shows them how to break bad bedtime habits and get the baby to sleep through the night.

Sleep Deprivation After Baby

After you have a baby, you'll probably need more sleep than ever before. Here's how to get it.

Have a Happy Napper

Want your child to sleep during the day like a champ? Follow our seven rules.

5 Lessons From a Reformed Sleep Training Fanatic

I used to sing the praises of sleep training to any tired parent who'd listen. (Hey, it worked for me!) But over time, I've come to realize it's not right for every family.

How to Start (and Keep!) a Routine for Baby

Expert advice on getting your baby to eat and sleep on a regular and predictable basis.

Baby Sleep Solution: Change The Feeding Schedule

Lauren and Rich have a five-month-old who feeds twice in the middle of the night. Lauren, a teacher, is only getting about three hours of sleep a night. Ingrid shows her how to alter the nursing schedule to ensure the baby doesn't wake up every three hours.

Baby Sleep: When to Give Up Nighttime Feedings

Teach baby how to sleep through the night without any nighttime feedings.

What Sleep Training Taught Me About Being a Parent

In a way, sleep training was one of the first major decisions we had to make, and it taught me one of the most important truths of parenting.

How to Develop Bedtime Routines

How to create one that works for you and your child.

5 Common Sleep Problems and Solutions

Here's how you and baby can both catch some zzzs.

3 Strategies for Better Baby Sleep

Is getting your baby to sleep impossible? These bedtime strategies worked for real parents.

Naptime from A to Z

An age-by-age guide to get baby into a daily routine that will help her sleep soundly at night, too.

Putting an End to Sleepless Nights

One mom attempts to sleep-train her baby in five days.

Getting Your Baby to Sleep: How a Nursing and Feeding Schedule Can Help

Has your baby made the breastfeed-to-sleep association? That's what happened with 6-month-old Lila and her exhausted mombut Baby Sleep Whisperer Ingrid Prueher was on hand to help!

Baby Sleep: All About Nap Time

Find out how and when to get babies to sleep during the day.

Establishing and Keeping Baby's Sleep Routine

Is baby's bedtime a battlefield? Here's how to transport your child back to the Land of Nod.

Solve Your Baby's Sleeping Setbacks

Check out these real-life solutions for common baby sleep problems.

How to Establish a Routine With Baby

Babies thrive on stability, so give them just that with these simple steps. Creating a routine will help make things easier on both you and your little one.

Sleep-Training Strategies Found to Be Effective, Not Harmful

Experts say the "cry it out" method does not cause Baby any harm if parents are consistent.