Perfect Nap Time Rituals in 3 Simple Steps

Use this chart to guide you through your baby's ideal nap time routine. 

Father Holding Sleeping Daughter Nap Time Ritual
Photo: Priscilla Gragg

1. Outfit him appropriately.

Swaddle your baby until he seems ready to roll over; after that, put him in a sleep sack or soft, comfy clothing. Use a nighttime diaper so wetness doesn’t shortchange his sleep.

2. Plug her up.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends giving babies a pacifier whenever they sleep to reduce the risk of SIDS. If your sweetie isn’t passionate about pacis, keep offering one anyway at the start of each nap. It could soothe her, but it’s no big deal if she never takes to it.

3. Pretend it’s bedtime.

Re-create the sequence of events that brings on nighttime sleep: “dinner” (i.e., lunch), a change into pj’s, books. Then turn off the lights. After about a week, you can start to ease up a bit so that the pre-nap routine isn’t as extensive.

Schedule Baby's nap time based on how many naps he needs each day and how long the naps should be. Use his age as your guide.

How Often Should Baby Nap Graphic
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