Napping is essential for babies. A well-rested child is more than a happy child. He's ready to learn. Here you'll learn how to get your baby to nap, how many naps a day are normal, and more.

Overcoming Baby's Bedtime Battles

Does your baby or toddler love the nightlife? We have the answers to your biggest sleep problems.

How to Get Your Baby to Nap

Sometimes it may seem impossible to get your baby doze. Next time try these great tips on sleep training for naps.

Naptime Basics

Practical tips so your little one, and you, get the break you need.

Have a Happy Napper

Want your child to sleep during the day like a champ? Follow our seven rules.

Your Guide to Blissful Baby Naps

Learn everything you need to know about establishing a healthy nap routine for your baby. Plus, get tips on making the napping process easier.

3 Strategies for Better Baby Sleep

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Naptime from A to Z

An age-by-age guide to get baby into a daily routine that will help her sleep soundly at night, too.

Baby Sleep: All About Nap Time

Find out how and when to get babies to sleep during the day.

Establishing and Keeping Baby's Sleep Routine

Is baby's bedtime a battlefield? Here's how to transport your child back to the Land of Nod.

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in His Crib

Ingrid Prueher, The Baby Sleep Whisperer, helps one exhausted mom get her baby to sleep in his crib (and explains how her method can work for your baby, too!).

How to Establish a Routine With Baby

Babies thrive on stability, so give them just that with these simple steps. Creating a routine will help make things easier on both you and your little one.

Q+A: How Can I Get My Newborn to Nap Alone?

What to do when your daughter will only nap in your arms and not in her bassinet.

Naptime. Now what?

Whew! You've laid Baby down in the crib for her morning snooze, and she's actually sleeping. Tiptoe out of the nursery, stifling a cough. Yup, she's down for the count. It's 9 A.M. What to do?

Perfect Nap Time Rituals in 3 Simple Steps

Use this chart to guide you through your baby's ideal nap time routine.