When Kids Share a Room: How to Keep Your Baby From Waking Up a Sibling

When your baby shares a bedroom with an older sibling, sleep-training can be extra tricky! Baby sleep expert Ingrid Prueher helps one family find a method that works for them.


[MUSIC] My name is Ingrid Prewer. And I used to work with the sharks on Wall Street. But now, I have a much tougher job. [SOUND] They call me, the baby sleep whisperer. [MUSIC] My name is Jill, I have two kids, Olivia, who is five, and Logan, who is six months. [SOUND] We live in [UNKNOWN], We are in a small apartment, it's two bedrooms, and the kids have to share a room. But Logan is up three times a night, every night. He wakes up and he screams. He's up at 11:00, he's up at 2:00, he's up at 4:00, and he doesn't know how to go to sleep by himself, he can't self-sooth. Olivia's Dealing with it, but Logan is just a terrible sleeper. My husband's getting no sleep. I'm getting no sleep. I know it doesn't have to be this way. I just can't figure out what needs to be done with him because he screams. [SOUND] Hi Hi Come on in. So talk to me about what's been happening? I can not get him to sleep for 12 hours a night. Every time he made any kind of noise I put him on me not realizing that I am spoiling this child and not starting good habits. I realize why you're doing it cuz you're just trying to get some sleep and you're exhausted but it's more, is this going to teach him how to sleep better? Not really cuz in the scheme of things has it helped any? No, it's terrible. Okay, so get me into the room so I can see where we need to start with, okay? Alright, come this way. .Thanks. Okay, so this is the children's room. Olivia sleeps there. Logan And screams in there. Because he already has Olivia sleeping in here, we're going to need to move Olivia into your room, with your husband. She is going to be coming back. Depending on the method that we go with, it can take anywhere from a week to two weeks. I think that the best way to go about it is to either do something called an interval method, where we're going to be checking in on him at interval times that we agree on. Or, if we notice that He gets more upset when you're coming in then move to a more direct method, extinction. Okay. Where you only come in when it's time to feed and then I'll observe him to see if we should move to the more direct method. Okay. Jill put Logan to bed and we waited for him to wake up to try the integral [BABY CRYING] Go in there and put your hand on his back. Don't make eye contact with him because we know he's all about engagement Right Go rub his back and shush him [BABY CRYING] [NOISE] See how the baby's cry got more intense when she went in? He's mad that she came in. He was trying to put himself to sleep. [MUSIC] Within five minutes of Jill leaving the room, Logan was sound asleep. He's clearly stating to you, I am not. happy with you coming in. If it upsets him when I go in I going to give myself the confidence that he's going to put himself to sleep. Mmhmm. I think the best way to move for this particular situation is that we use the extinction method instead. It's not one that I typically recommend but Because he ended up falling asleep within five minutes of us backing away and giving him his space is why I'm recommending that. It's all about empowering him cuz he can do it. Okay. And? So it's one o'clock in the morning, Logan just woke up. He was fussing for Or about a minute but now it's quiet. I must be doing something right. Wow, this is crazy [MUSIC]

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