Getting Your Baby to Sleep: How a Nursing and Feeding Schedule Can Help

Has your baby made the breastfeed-to-sleep association? That's what happened with 6-month-old Lila and her exhausted mom¿but Baby Sleep Whisperer Ingrid Prueher was on hand to help!


My name is Ingrid Prueher, and I used to work with the sharks on Wall Street. But now, I have a much tougher job. [SOUND] They call me the Baby Sleep Whisperer. [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] My name is Lisa, I am a mom of three and currently my youngest daughter Lila is six months as of yesterday and has decided not to sleep anymore. Getting her to sleep has been a problem because she's still nursing to sleep for all naps and bedtime. Getting her to sleep right now is the most draining. Aspect of my life. I'm at a huge loss, so I need help. [LAUGH] [SOUND] Hi. Hello. How are you? So catch me up a little bit about what is her sleep situation right Right now. She needs me to nurse her to sleep for naps and bedtime. How do I distinguish when she's truly having a real feed and not just nursing because she's tired, or bored, or thirsty? So the way to do that is to start logging. You want to log all her food, how long she's nursing for, at every single session. We can see what her typical feed length is compared to those that are just for soothing they're going to be significantly different. So let's say she nurses for 10 to 15 minutes typically if she nurses for five minutes we know she's not doing it because she's hungry. [SOUND] At six months how often should she be nursing? It's going to vary by child, but figure once every three to four hours. As soon as she wakes up for the day, definitely hands down, nurse her and then give her the solids about an hour to an hour and half later. And my rule of thumb is that you top her off before she goes to sleep. Most doctors and pediatricians in general would say, she should be able to sleep through the night without a feeding. So now that we've discussed her sleep, I would love for you to show me her sleep environment. Okay. [MUSIC] So, this is Lola's nursery. There's nothing major to change in here, Yeah. Which is wonderful. And now, we can focus on the sleep. I'm gonna leave the two of you alone to go through your sleep routine, and get her down cuz we know that munch getting sleepy. Something that I'd like you to keep in mind going forward because she does nurse to sleep, is to try to break the seal when she looks like she's starting to fall asleep on the breast and she's no longer truly eating. That will be the first step to kind of get her to get to sleep sleepy but awake. [MUSIC] Over the next few weeks, we implemented a number of tips. Regulating feed length and wheening her off of breast feeding to sleep. Hi, good morning. Big news. We finally slept through the night. No night nursings. Three weeks later Ingrid has been a miracle worker. We are so happy.

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