Sleep Issues

If your baby has problems sleeping, there are things you can try to get him to sleep longer. Here you'll learn about common sleep problems that parents encounter, and ways to fix them. We'll even show you how to get your baby to sleep through the night.

Why the Cry It Out Method Is So Controversial

Some parents swear by extinction sleep training while others think it's downright harmful. Is there a middle ground?
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You Can't Miss This Dad's Hilarious Interview With His 4-Month-Old Daughter

A dad grills his little girl on things like why she puts everything in her mouth, and insists on pooping at the same time as her older sister.
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If Your Kid Can't Sleep, You May Want to Toss the Touchscreen

A new study has found that the more time young kids spend using touchscreen devices, the more likely they are to have trouble sleeping.
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30 Totally Ridiculous Reasons Your Baby Isn't Sleeping

Just a few of the many reasons it feels like your baby will never, ever just go to sleep.
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More Sleep Issues

The Top 10 Sleep Mistakes Parents Make

Having difficulty getting your little one to nap or to snooze through the night? Check out some of the most common sleepy-time missteps and how to avoid them.
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14 Best Bedtime Songs for Kids

Looking for a sweet song to sing your little one to sleep? These are the best bedtime songs and lullabies for sleepy kids and parents. When words fail you, give these songs a try.
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9 Things Not to Say to a Sleep-Training Parent

Getting your baby to sleep through the night is challenging enough without other people weighing in on your methods.