Sleep Issues

If your baby has problems sleeping, there are things you can try to get him to sleep longer. Here you'll learn about common sleep problems that parents encounter, and ways to fix them. We'll even show you how to get your baby to sleep through the night.

5 Sleep-Through-the-Night Strategies

Tired of your baby staying awake late into the night? Learn how to get him (and you!) a good night's sleep with these baby sleep solutions.

Overcoming Baby's Bedtime Battles

Does your baby or toddler love the nightlife? We have the answers to your biggest sleep problems.

5 Common Sleep Problems and Solutions

Here's how you and baby can both catch some zzzs.

14 Best Bedtime Songs for Kids

Looking for a sweet song to sing your little one to sleep? These are the best bedtime songs and lullabies for sleepy kids and parents. When words fail you, give the below songs a try.

Baby Separation Anxiety and Sleep Struggles

Dr. Alan Greene answers the question, Why is my 19-month-old so clingy all of a sudden?

Baby Sleeplessness

Dr. Alan Greene answers the question, Why isn't my baby sleeping very much?

3 Ways to Get Baby to Sleep in the Crib

We're guessing that your newborn prefers to get most of her shut-eye in your arms. Use this guide to make the transition to the crib for deeper, safer slumber.

Thumb-Sucking as Sleep Aid

Is it okay if your child needs to suck his thumb to nod off?

Our Baby Won't Sleep

It's the complaint we hear from every exhausted new parent. We've got the solutions that put an end to all-nighters.

The Top 10 Sleep Mistakes Parents Make

Having difficulty getting your little one to nap or to snooze through the night? Check out some of the most common sleepy-time missteps and how to avoid them.

Getting Baby to Sleep Through the Night

All babies will fall asleep eventually. Some just need a little more help than others.

Teach Your Baby to Sleep (In Just 7 Days)

Are you a slave to the baby monitor? Breaking your child's bad sleep habits is one of the most important things you can do for his health--and yours.

Best Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

Could it be colic? Know the symptoms and the proven ways to end the tears.

Getting A New Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Baby sleep whisperer Ingrid Prueher meets Eric and Laura, whose baby will only go to sleep when her mother rocks her, and sleeps in a portable rocker. Ingrid shows them how to break bad bedtime habits and get the baby to sleep through the night.

Too Much Sleep?

Baby Sleep: When to Let Your Baby Cry It Out

Listening to your baby cry it out can be heartbreaking. Here are some tips to make sleep training easier on both you and your baby.

If Your Kid Can't Sleep, You May Want to Toss the Touchscreen

A new study has found that the more time young kids spend using touchscreen devices, the more likely they are to have trouble sleeping.

Baby Sleep Solution: Change The Feeding Schedule

Lauren and Rich have a five-month-old who feeds twice in the middle of the night. Lauren, a teacher, is only getting about three hours of sleep a night. Ingrid shows her how to alter the nursing schedule to ensure the baby doesn't wake up every three hours.

Video Hilariously Captures the Lengths One Mom Went to Escape Her Sleeping Baby

Mom pulls "top secret escape mission" to leave her sleeping baby's room for the night.

5 Things to Avoid When Sleep Training Your Baby

Get wise to the five habits that make bedtime a nightmare for new parents, and finally get your baby to sleep through the night.

Stop Sabotaging Your Kid's Sleep

Are your nights an endless cycle of wakeups? Worried you're doing something wrong? Try these sleep tweaks for babies, toddlers, and preschool-aged kids.

Sleep Deprivation After Baby

After you have a baby, you'll probably need more sleep than ever before. Here's how to get it.

Teach Baby to Sleep Through the Night (Again)

Out of nowhere, your star sleeper is up in the middle of the night again. Don't panic, we'll help everyone rest easy.

Have a Happy Napper

Want your child to sleep during the day like a champ? Follow our seven rules.

What's Your Baby's Sleep Style?

Check out these tips to help you identify what type of sleeper your baby is--and help her get a better night's sleep!

Baby Sleep: When to Give Up Nighttime Feedings

Teach baby how to sleep through the night without any nighttime feedings.