Ilana Wiles: How I Successfully Sleep Trained My Kids

Ilana Wiles shares her experience on sleep training her children.


[MUSIC] The number one question I get asked on my blog is about sleep training, because I was very, very open about it when I sleep trained both my kids. A lot of people question, you know, whether it's the right thing for them. And maybe it's not. For me, it was the right thing. So I always tell people, you have to do you know, what you feel comfortable with. But I'll say, like, my kids hated going to bed. And we, you know, I would be with them and they would be crying for, you know, hours on end. And me trying to put them to sleep. And I'd be holding them and rocking them and cradled them. And they were, it was so stressful for both me and the baby, so for me, you know, having, doing that, you know, three or four days of crying it out was actually the right thing because by the end of that, then, you know they actually went to sleep, and then I could put them down and you know, they'd just go to bed. So it was like four days of some, you know, kind of intense crying sessions that were really hard. But then they learned how to go to bed on their own. [MUSIC]

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