Q: I have a 16-week-old son who refuses to sleep in his crib. I've been putting him his crib everyday since he was 8 weeks. No matter how gentle or quiet I am, he immediately wakes up and starts crying. He will sleep in his swing for 5 or 6 hours or if someone holds him. I feel like I've tried everything, crib soothies, swaddling, white noise machines, and I even let him cry it out. Please help.

A: Little ones may not like the vast open space of their crib at first, especially if they are in the habit of being held to sleep.  As a first step, it may be best to have your son learn to fall asleep on his own, without being held.  Given that he is comfortable in his swing, start by putting him in his swing wide awake at bedtime.  After a few days to a week, take the next step of putting him in his swing but without turning on the motion.  Once he has the hang of falling asleep on his own, you can move to putting him down for bed in his crib.  He may fuss at first, but he will get the hang of it after a few nights.  Taking some small steps will make it easier for your little one to transition to his crib.

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Answered by Dr. Jodi Mindell