Q: My 6 month old goes to bed every night at 10 pm and has a very established routine. He had started sleeping through the night for 2 weeks, but since we started baby food he has been waking up at 1am every night. The only way to calm him down is to nurse him but after he is put back down in the crib he starts rubbing his face, which wakes him back up again. This has been going on for 3 weeks and the lack of sleep is starting to affect him and me. We don't know what to do or why he is waking.

A: Since your baby started waking up again in the middle of the night after you started feeding him baby food, it’s possible that he might not be tolerating the ingredients in the baby food very well. Your son’s symptoms aren’t indicative of a full-blown food allergy of course, but still, they could suggest that he might be reacting to the ingredients in at least one of particular baby foods you’re feeding him. They could be giving him some gastrointestinal discomfort, and they might even be causing him to itch, since it seems that he began rubbing his face after baby foods were introduced.

It would be helpful to take a look at the baby foods you’re giving your son and try to determine which one might be giving him trouble. It’s likely that you started him off with cereal, and then began adding another new food to his diet every couple of days.  You might want to consider starting over with the solid foods. I’d recommend switching to a new type of cereal for starters. If your son seems to tolerate the cereal and begins sleeping through the night again, you can add a new food. If you add a new food and your son doesn’t sleep well that night or begins rubbing his face again, that particular food could be the culprit.

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Answered by Dr. Rallie McAllister


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December 2, 2018
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