Q: I’ve rocked my baby to sleep since birth. Now he's 10 1/2 months old and that’s the only way he will go to sleep. He sleeps in his crib for half the night and then has to come to bed with me. I’m a single mother and we share a room.

A: Although your little guy has been rocked to sleep since birth, you can always make a change.  Making gradual changes is often the most painless way to make the transition.  So start by just holding him and not literally rocking.  After a few days, you can start putting him down in his crib and patting him to sleep.  There will likely be a few tears to start, but he’ll get used to the change.  Every few days you can sit a few feet farther away from his crib at bedtime.  Once your little guy starts falling asleep on his own, he’ll then be able to fall back to sleep on his own during the night, and thus start naturally sleeping through the night.  So expect it to take a few weeks, making changes just at bedtime to start, and you’ll soon have a champion sleeper.

Answered by Dr. Jodi Mindell



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