Dress Baby for Sleep

What you need to know for dressing baby safely for sleep.


-Hi, I'm Haley Sheffeld from American Baby Magazine. And I'm here to talk about how to dress your baby safely for sleep. Always lay your baby down on his back without a blanket or pillow since both are suffocation hazards. You want your baby to be warm at night, but not overheated. If you dress him in long sleeve, put a pajama that should be enough to keep him toasty all night long. If you wanna give your baby the feeling of a blanket, dress him in a baby sleeper or sleep set. It's a blanket that zips over your baby. It's important not to overheat your baby since that puts him at risk for SIDS. You can also swaddle your baby and lay him down swaddled if you're sure your swaddle is tight enough and he can't kick the blanket at all.

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