All About Co-Sleepers

What you need to know about co-sleepers.


-Hi, I'm Jessica Hartshorn for American Baby Magazine and I'm here to talk a little bit about co-sleepers. When you're thinking about where to have your infant or newborn sleep, having a bassinet in your room is a good option or, of course, your baby can sleep in her own crib, but that means you have to stand up and go get her to comfort her or feed her. So, that's why some people consider a co-sleeper. One of these pulls right up to your adult bed and has got this low side, so if your baby cries, you can reach over and pat her with your hand and you can also pick her up and nurse her right in your own bed before you put her back in her own safe little sleep spot here. For safety, you want a co-sleeper that firmly attaches to the adult mattress. Something like this goes under your mattress and keeps the co-sleeper pulled close to your bed. It's really convenient. You only wanna use one of these like you'd use the bassinet for the first three to four months. Once your baby can sit up or start to pull up, she's gonna be safest in her own crib, but because you're feeding around the clock for those first couple of months or if you're a mom who had a C-section and has trouble getting up all night, something like this can be a real life saver and is an option to consider.

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