Is co-sleeping a brilliant way to get Baby to sleep through the night? Or just something you'll have to undo later? Find out if the family bed works - and if it's right for you.

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Co-Sleeping Almost Ruined My Marriage

My husband and I never thought we'd co-sleep. And then our daughter was born, and all of our plans went right out the window. But co-sleeping turned out to be terrible for my relationship.
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Dad's Sweet Post About Wife Sparks Internet Outrage Over Bed-Sharing

After the dad shared a photo in support of his wife "snuggling" with their children, commenters felt the need to weigh in with their opinions on bed-sharing with kids.
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13 Things Nobody Told You About Bed-Sharing With Kids

Sleeping in the same bed as your child may sound like it's all snuggles and bonding time, but here's the real version (from a mom who's been there).
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Guidelines for Safe Co-Sleeping with Babies

Although the American Academy of Pediatrics advises against co-sleeping, it adjusted its sleep guidelines to acknowledge that parents sometimes fall asleep in bed with their babies. Here's what you need to know.
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Overcoming Baby's Bedtime Battles

Does your baby or toddler love the nightlife? We have the answers to your biggest sleep problems.
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Sleep Deprivation After Baby

After you have a baby, you'll probably need more sleep than ever before. Here's how to get it.
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Co-Sleeping: The Pros and Cons of a Family Bed

Co-sleeping is a controversial issue among parents and pediatricians. Here, we explore the drawbacks and benefits of co-sleeping, with advice to help you decide whether to share a bed with your children.
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