Time Capsule Baby Shower

Lovers of everything vintage will go crazy for this adorably nostalgic baby shower.

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Time Capsule

time capsule

Take a trip down memory lane at this party, which features vintage decor and treats. Help Mom-to-be save precious memories for Baby with a time capsule, and send guests home with DIY favors

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Old-Timey Candy

old-timey candy

Pick out an assortment of pretty treats from your local candy store to put on display in glass containers. The sweets can double as a thank-you gift for guests.

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Time Capsule

time capsule drink

Guests will love this colorful drink whether they're having the Flintstone (vodka, vermouth, and grapefruit) or the Jetson (grapefruit and tonic).

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Vintage Accessories

time capsule

Everything old can be made new again. A classic baby powder tin can become the perfect place to store your utencils, and a typewriter goes from a functional feature to decor.

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Make Your Own Time Capsule

make your own time capsule

Collect notes from the guests, as well as mementos of the month or the year, and gather them all in a special keepsake box for baby to open at a later date.

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Vintage-Style Packaging

vintage style packaging

This craft is as easy as ABC and is sure to be a hit with guests! Simply print out the block design, cut out the box, and tape it together.

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