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Shower your mama-to-be with love at this rain-themed shower brunch.

Showered with Love

This shower "lite" -- we like to call it a sprinkle -- is perfect for the repeat mom who may have many traditional registry items already, but still wants an occasion to celebrate with her friends. The casual brunch features fun elements like colorful umbrellas, blue signature drinks, and sugary treats all covered in -- you guessed it -- sprinkles.

Throw a simple shower for an experienced mom-to-be. Watch as Parents lifestyle contributer Amanda Kingloff shows how to make easy DIY invites and décor for this party.

Sophie Askew
Sophie Askew


Personalize this custom invitation -- just click on the name of the mama-to-be and party details text to edit. Then print on a color printer using 5x7 photo paper and mail in A7 size envelopes.

Marty Baldwin
Marty Baldwin


For a chic, inexpensive way to transform your setting, hang lots of paper lanterns in various shades of blue and green from the ceiling using clear fishing line. To make it "rain" indoors, cut raindrop shapes from blue or silver card stock to hang amidst the lanterns, or use strings of capiz shells made by tying shells together with clear fishing line.


For your centerpiece, fill white vases of different shapes and sizes with watery blue-purple hydrangeas for a beautifully lush look.

Roll onesies and washcloths into flowers to make a lovely centerpiece for a baby shower.

Baby showers, bring onesie flowers! If you don't want to spend money on live blooms, make a bouquet from onesies and washcloths.

Kim Cornelison
Kim Cornelison


Guests will love sprinkling a little bit of this and a little bit of that atop crepes and yogurt at a make-your-own-breakfast bar. Set out lots of savory and sweet toppings, like chocolate chips, strawberries, bananas, and granola with a sign that says "Sprinkle Toppings to Taste."

Mike Dieter
Mike Dieter


Pick a blue-hued signature drink -- like this Blue Heaven Mocktail -- to toast the mama-to-be. Since Blue Curacao Liqueur is what you usually use to get that clear blue color, cheat by tinting any soda or virgin cocktail blue with a few drops of food coloring.

Blue Heaven

Makes: One drink

4 ounces white cranberry juice
1 ounce ginger ale
Blue food coloring

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. cranberry juice, ginger ale, and blue food coloring. To get the mixture super-cold, swirl (don't shake). Pour into a glass and garnish with a slice of orange, a sprinkle of blueberries or a cocktail umbrella.

Jupiter Images
Jupiter Images


Serve sprinkled doughnuts for a fun pop of color -- mix all kinds of flavors and colors together. Send the hubs out for a few boxes the morning of the soiree.

Learn how to make colorful brownie pop rattles. They're the perfect addition to the dessert table at a baby shower.

These tasty brownie pop baby rattles are covered in colorful sprinkles.


Umbrella-inspired favors like these adorable mint tins are a great send-off for guests. We love these because you can personalize them with the name of the mom-to-be.


Jennifer Sbranti is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of HostessWithTheMostess.com, and author of the HWTM Daily Blog.

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