Mani/Pedi Shower

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Is mom-to-be already stressed? Spoil her from head to toe before her bundle of joy arrives. 

Mani/Pedi Shower

The new mom in your life is about to have her hands full taking care of her little one, so give her one last chance to take care of and pamper herself. Guests will feast on spa-themed nibbles while enjoying lavish attention to their hands and feet. Whether you hire a pro to do everyone's nails or rally the crowd to practice their painting skills, your shower attendees will love everything about this shower, from playing a fun name-that-polish game to taking home their own special foot scrub.

Spa Nibbles

Easy-to-pick-up finger food is a must for a mani/pedi shower: you don't want complicated cutlery or saucy sandwiches ruining freshly-painted nails. Fresh fruit and cheese chunks fit the bill perfectly, so chop them up and present them on a multi-tiered plate for an extra-fancy look.

Relaxing Drinks

The manager at your favorite salon probably greets you with a cool beverage upon arrival, so why should a baby shower be any different? Help your guests relax with spa-certified relaxing drinks like water and iced tea. You can add some lemon or cucumber to the water to give it some flavor and mimic the salon experience even better. Bottoms up for the baby!

These adorable gift boxes are wrapped with love, and fondant.

Gift Boxes

The greatest gift is a sweet treat that your guests can eat. These tiny boxes are so cute that they can double as your shower centerpiece.

Brazilians or Highlights

A chic quencher, featuring pomegranate and either apple juice or champagne depending on if you serve the cocktail or mocktail variation.

Pastel Panache

Decorate your shower in cool hues that evoke relaxation and indulgence. Gather groups of tissue paper flowers and paper lanterns, and hang them from the ceiling, or from tree branches if your shower is outdoors. If you know the baby's gender, you can choose light pinks or blues to complement the decor with gender-appropriate paper streamers, tablecloths, and balloons.

Name That Polish

Do you typically paint your nails in shades like "Antique Rose" or "Guilty Pleasures"? This fun baby shower game lets you put a baby spin on your favorite polish colors. Try out "Diaper Diva" on your toes, then put some "Cradle Cuteness" on your fingers. The guest with the cutest baby polish name wins!

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