The 'Our Little Burrito' theme was not the only thing we loved about this moment. As it turns out, the Alvarez family is connected to Chipotle in more ways than one!

Last month, Adrianna Alvarez was rushing to the hospital while in labor when she was forced to pull over and deliver her fourth child, Jaden, in the parking lot of a Denver Chipotle—taking the phrase, “Chipotle is life” to a whole new level. As if the miracle of birth and a DIY delivery isn’t an amazing enough story, Chipotle decided to host a baby shower for the family and the little burrito theme was too cute! Seriously, the Mexican grill chain should consider making this a full-time incentive.

According to, Adrianna and the father of her baby, Saul Alvarez, were both previously employed at Chipotle and met at one too—if that isn’t destiny, we don’t know what is.

Did I mention that Adrianna called 911 before delivering Jaden and a dispatcher by the name of Angie Schell was able to guide her every step of the way? As it turns out, Jaden was born exactly at 9:11. (Cue mind blowing explosion.) Of course, Angie was an honorary guest at the event where she met the happy family for the first time.

We have the feeling Jaden is going to have a lot of love around him considering his birth single-handedly gave him a whole extended family. Congrats to the Alvarez family on their precious little burrito!



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