Baby Shower Ideas For A Musical Theme

For a group with a small amount of musical know-how, this party can be unique and entertaining for all.

The Theme

Music can make a baby shower lively and fun.

    • Crank up the sound system and play a selection of tunes during the party -- everything from oldies to current bands.
    • Decorate with musical notes, sheet music posters, and other tune-related artwork.
    • Ask guests to bring their favorite CDs (kid or grown-up music).
    • Invite the neighbors. Music parties can be noisy.
    • Rent the video of a live concert of mom-to-be's favorite group or music style.
    • Make room in case guests want to dance.

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    Game: Name That (Nursery) Tune

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      Preparation time: One day (to secure necessary items for game)

      Playing time: 20 minutes

      Players: All present

        What you'll need

        • If you or someone in your group is musical, arrange access to a keyboard or even just a toy xylophone, and sheet music to a range of popular nursery tunes (available at your public library).
        • If no one in your circle has the musical know-how, don't fret. Most major toy stores sell inexpensive items that play nursery tunes. Be sure to buy one that plays music only -- no spoken words.

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          Before the party

          • Arrange for the music.

            At the party

            • Hand out paper and pencils to your guests.
            • Play each tune. Guests have 10 second to write down a name.
            • The player with the most correct answers wins.

              Game: Baby Songs

              Preparation time: 5 minutes

              Playing time: 15 minutes

              Players: All present

                What you'll need

                • paper and pencil, one set for each team
                • a timer

                  Before the party

                  • Make sure paper and pencil are handy.

                    At the party

                    • Divide the guests into two teams.
                    • Set the timer for two minutes
                    • Ask teams to come up with as many song titles as they can that contain the word "baby."
                    • The team with the most titles wins.

                      Game: Musical Chairs

                      Preparation time: 10 minutes

                      Playing time: 15 minutes

                      Players: All present

                        What you'll need

                        • enough chairs for everyone at the party, minus one
                        • a music source that can be turned on and off
                        • space to play the game

                          Before the party

                          • Set up your music.
                          • Make room for the game.

                            At the party

                            • Set up the chairs.
                            • Start the music and have the guests circle while the music plays.
                            • Stop the music and have guests scramble for chairs. The one left standing is out.
                            • Remove one chair and continue game until all but one player is eliminated.

                              Gifts for Guests

                              Suggested prize

                              • a popular CD

                                Party favor ideas

                                • music boxes
                                • small radios

                                  Gifts for the guest of honor

                                  • lullaby toys
                                  • tapes or CDs
                                  • baby-friendly musical instruments
                                  • songbook

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