When multiples are on the way, a Noah's Ark theme makes for a fun party, and it's an easy way to remind guests to double their generosity toward this soon-to-be-busy mom.


The Theme

Have fun with the decor in this animal-themed fest.

  • Specify on the invitation that twins (or more!) are expected so that guests will purchase gifts accordingly.
  • Set out food items in twin sets -- two matching bowls of chips, two plates of cookies.
  • Buy twin items for goodie bags -- two rolls of films, two chocolates, Doublemint or Dubble Bubble gum.
  • Plan the party early. Multiples are frequently born before their due date.

Game: What Do You Call a Baby...

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Playing time: 15 minutes

Players: All present

What you'll need

  • a large piece of paper or poster board
  • a dark marker
  • paper and pencils for the guests
  • a timer

Before the party

  • Do a bit of research. You'll need a list of animals and the proper name for their offspring. Get creative. Sure, everyone knows dog/puppy and cow/calf. But will they get turkey/poult or raccoon/kit? Mix easy and difficult ones.
  • List on your poster board -- in clear letters -- the names of 20 adult animals.

At the party

  • Seat guests so they can easily see the poster board. Distribute paper and pencils.
  • Give guests five minutes to study the board and try to guess the names of as many baby animals as possible.
  • The guest with the most correct answers wins.

Gifts for Guests

Suggested prize

  • double picture frame

Party favor idea

  • a traditional party bag -- with two of everything

Gift ideas for the guest of honor

  • double picture frames
  • two sets of stroller toys or baby blankets
  • double set of booties or hats

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