A Pop Culture Baby Shower Party

For the truly hip mama, this is a baby shower theme with lots of panache.

The Theme

Forget the pastels and baby animals and go straight for her favorite cartoon, movie, band, or series.

    • You can go for a general pop culture theme or pick a particular niche, such as movies, Disney, or Nickelodeon. Decorate with movie posters, billboard ads, and other entertaining visuals.
    • Let your theme guide your food. If it's a movie, go for popcorn and other concession-stand favorites.
    • Movie theaters and video stores often use life-size freestanding cardboard displays. Ask if you can adopt one or two old ones for your party. Then set it up at the door as a greeter.
    • If you've got a small group, consider an evening party and show a favorite movie or some classic TV.
    • Ask guests to come in a costume of their favorite pop culture icon.
    • Have Trivial Pursuit cards around the party room.

    Game: Tot-TV Trivia

    Preparation time: 30 minutes

    Playing time: 20-30 minutes

    Players: All present

      What you'll need

      • 25 trivia questions about television kids. Name all the Brady kids (including the final-season cousin). How are Tommy and Angelica Pickles related? Who is the father of the Friends baby?
      • paper and pencils for all

        Before the party

        • Research your TV trivia.

          At the party

          • Hand out paper and pencils.
          • Read questions aloud and ask guests to write down their answers. The guest with the most right answers wins.

            Game: Celebrity Babies Match Up

            Preparation time: 20 minutes

            Playing time: 15 minutes

            Players: All present

              What you'll need

              • paper and pencil for all players
              • a timer

                Before the party

                • Make a two-column list. In column A, list famous celebrity babies and in column B, list their moms. Make enough copies for everyone at the party, or make one big list on poster board that everyone can see.

                  At the party

                  • Hand out paper and pencils.
                  • Set timer for two minutes.
                  • Have guests try to match the celebrity baby with his or her mom. Player with the most correct matches wins.

                  Game: Toddler TV Scramble

                  Preparation time: 15 minutes

                  Playing time: 10 minutes

                  Players: All present

                    What you'll need

                    • Timer
                    • 1 large poster board
                    • Paper and pencil for all players

                      Before the party

                      • Make a list of popular children's TV shows, but scramble the letters.

                        At the party

                        • Hand out paper and pencil.
                        • Set timer for 2 minutes.
                        • Unveil poster board. The player that can unscramble the most show names in two minutes wins.

                        Gifts for Guests

                        Suggested prizes

                        • a universal remote
                        • a popular video or DVD

                          Party favor ideas

                          • coupons for free movie rentals
                          • microwave popcorn

                            Gift ideas for the guest of honor

                            • videos or DVDs
                            • pop culture books
                            • themed merchandise, such as baby gear from The Disney Store

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