Every new parent becomes an amateur shutterbug once baby arrives. Welcome the new family member with a photo-themed baby shower.

By Ellen Neuborne

The Theme

  • Guests should be asked to bring photo-themed gifts.
  • Decorate your living room or den to look like a faux darkroom, or drape your walls in white paper and sheets for a photo studio look.
  • Position cameras and video recorders around the room to add emphasis.
  • Food should be fun and festive and served in black and white bowls.
  • Take Polaroids of guests as they arrive, then stick them into goody bags as everyone exits!
  • Hand out disposable cameras for guests to use during the party. Collect them at the end and have a photo album made of the pictures.

Game: Who's That Baby?

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Playing time: 15 minutes

Players: All present

What you'll need

  • bulletin board with pushpins
  • paper and pencils for all guests

Before the party

  • Ask all guests to bring pictures of themselves as infants or small children.

At the party

  • Pin all the photos up on a bulletin board and assign a number to each.
  • Distribute paper and pencils to the guest.
  • Everyone gets 10 minutes to write down the guest's name next to the appropriate number. The player with the most right answers wins.

Game: Draw the Baby

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Playing time: 10 minutes

Players: All but the mom-to-be

What you'll need

  • paper and crayons for all players
  • a timer or stop watch

Before the party

  • Gather your materials.

At the party

  • Distribute paper and crayons to the guests.
  • Set timer for 10 seconds.
  • Have each guest place the paper on top of their heads and draw a picture of a baby.
  • Collect drawings and present to the mom-to-be, who will act as judge and declare a winner.

Game: Onesie Design Fest

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Playing time: 30 minutes

Players: All present

What you'll need

  • 1 baby onesie per guest
  • fabric paints

Before the party

  • Set up painting area.

At the party

  • Distribute aprons or other party-clothes protectors.
  • Ask guests to design and paint a baby onesie.
  • String the final creations up on a clothesline in the party room to dry.
  • Have mom-to-be act as judge and award multiple prizes -- best use of color, most creative, most abstract, etc.

Gifts for Guests

Suggested prize

  • a disposable camera or a picture frame

Party favor ideas

  • refrigerator magnet picture frames
  • rolls of film
  • small photo albums

Gifts for the guest of honor

  • deluxe picture frames or collages
  • photo album
  • digital camera
  • video recorder
  • old home movies of the parents-to-be as children
  • several rolls of film and/or blank videocassettes
  • framed pictures of the mom-to-be as a baby

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