A Literary Baby Shower Party

For writers or book lovers, a literary party makes a welcome theme.

The Theme

Celebrate the pleasures of reading and writing -- for baby and grown-ups alike.

    • Go for a literary decorating theme. Ask you local bookstore for old posters promoting recent titles and authors. Also, check the school supplies section of your local stationery store for other book- and writing-related wall art.
    • As arrivals sign the guest book, ask them to also list their favorite children's book.
    • Position books (adult- and child-oriented) around the room to add emphasis.
    • Do a reading. Pick a crowd pleaser, such as a humorous essay on the life of a mom.
    • Buy a blank journal and have guests record thoughts, advice and best wishes for the mom to be.

    Game: Baby Words Jumble

    Preparation time: 30 minutes

    Playing time: 10 minutes

    Players: All present

      What you'll need

      • a list of scrambled baby words
      • a timer
      • paper and pencils for all

        Before the party

        • Prepare your list of scrambled words. Make photocopies so that one is available for each guest.

          At the party

          • Hand out paper and pencils to all.
          • Set the timer for two minutes.
          • The player able to unscramble the most words wins.

          Game: Fairy Tale Fun

          Preparation time: 15 minutes

          Playing time: 15 minutes

          Players: All present

            What you'll need

            • paper and pencil for all players
            • a copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales
            • a timer

              Before the party

              • Research famous quotes from fairy tales, such as "Who's been sleeping in my bed?" or "Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum."
              • List the quotes on a large poster board.

                At the party

                • Hand out paper and pencils.
                • Set timer for two minutes.
                • Unveil poster board of quotes.
                • Have guests write down the name of the fairy tale they think is attached to each quote. The player with the most correct answers wins.

                  Gifts for Guests

                  Suggested prize

                  • a current best-selling novel

                    Party favor idea

                    • bookmark

                      Gift ideas for the guest of honor

                      • fairy-tale collections
                      • mini reading light
                      • bookstore gift card

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