Baby Shower Themes

Should your baby shower have a theme? Here we'll help you find the perfect theme to kick off your new life with your baby as you explore dozens of creative baby shower theme ideas.

Baby Girl Shower Themes We Love

A baby shower is something moms will remember for the rest of their lives. But if you're planning one and looking for ideas beyond an all-pink theme, we've gathered some nontraditional ideas from bloggers. These baby girls' shower themes will definitely put this special party right over the top!

Baby Shower Ideas For The Second Time Around

Don't know how to plan a party for the second (or third or fourth or fifteenth) time around? Here are a few ideas.

19 Glamorous Celebrity Baby Showers -- Get Inspired!

Get inspired by these envy-inducing baby showers where famous mommies-to-be celebrated their latest projects in development--a little human--with creative decor, food, activities, and more.

10 Wonderful Shower Ideas

Check out these great ways to help shower parents-to-be with attention, affection--and gifts.

Good Fortune Baby Shower

Show your mama-to-be how lucky she is with this Asian-inspired baby shower.

ICYMI: This Gender Reveal Didn't Exactly Go as Planned...or Did It?

See how this grandmom pulled off the ultimate double bluff!

Little Birdie Baby Shower

Birds provide the inspiration for this hip baby-fest theme.

Baby Boy Shower Themes We Love

Your baby shower is something you'll remember for the rest of your life -- and so will your friends and family. To help make the celebration of a soon-to-be-baby boy extra special, here are some boys' baby shower themes that go beyond blue.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower

The mama-to-be will have a heavenly time at this star-themed baby shower.

Diaper Baby Shower

Throw a sophisticated shower around this everyday baby essential.

Earth Mama: Have a "Green" Baby Shower

Check out this eco-friendly baby shower idea -- it brings "reduce, reuse, and recycle" to a new level.

Sprinkle Baby Shower

Shower your mama-to-be with love at this rain-themed shower brunch.

Small Packages Baby Shower

This mini-themed shower makes a big statement.

Baby Shower Ideas For A Musical Theme

For a group with a small amount of musical know-how, this party can be unique and entertaining for all.

Great Baby Shower Ideas and Recipes

Fun, food, and friendship are the secrets to a memorable baby shower.

Sugar-and-Spice Baby Shower

Celebrate a baby girl with this sweet and spicy shower.

Over-the-Moon Baby Shower

Make the mom-to-be feel over-the-moon happy with a glitzy baby shower. We'll show you how to put this theme together with just a few items from your local crafts store.

Big Top Baby Shower

This playful, bright theme turns the party into a circus.

Family Tree Baby Shower

Celebrate the mom-to-be's growing family tree at this mod, family-themed shower.

Cravings Baby Shower

Give the mama-to-be what she really wants at this tasteful indulge-a-thon.

An Around the Clock Baby Shower Party

As new babies are certainly an around-the-clock experience, this party theme is especially appropriate for a baby shower.

Sweet Peas Baby Shower

With more than one on the way, the mama-to-be will be doubly thrilled with this theme.