Planning to host a baby shower? Add an element of charity to the fun! These ideas make it easy for you and your guests to give back.
Pregnant Woman at Baby Shower with Balloons
Credit: George Rudy/Shutterstock

Baby showers are a lovely way to celebrate a mama-to-be (and, of course, a great way to help her stock up on all the essentials she'll need for her impending arrival!). But not every pregnant woman is fortunate enough to have people around her with the resources to throw a gift-giving bash. So if you're planning a shower for a friend or family member, why not find a way to help out other mothers-to-be in the process? Not only will spreading the wealth make a huge difference in the lives of struggling families, you can even think of it as your little one's first lesson in generosity! Here are some ways that will make it easy for you and your guests to give back.

1. Register With Good+

The Good+ Foundation does important work partnering with a national network of programs to help end the cycle of family poverty with donated goods and services. Ask your shower guests to donate to Good+ in honor of your new baby instead of giving a gift.

2. Donate to Operation Shower

Welcoming a new baby can be a stressful time for our armed service members. Operation Shower hosts baby showers for military families across the country, giving overextended moms-to-be permission to celebrate! Guests can give money to Operation Shower or purchase gifts from their Amazon registry, which will then be sent to families who need them.

3. Ask for Gift Cards

Instead of specific items, request gift cards to places like Amazon, Babies R' Us, Target, and Walmart—then pass them on to those in need. Sites like Donate Your Card allow you to use your gift cards as a charity donation, and you can choose from over 1,000 worthy causes!

4. Throw a Community Baby Shower

Partner with a local organization such as the March of Dimes to host a community baby shower to benefit pregnant women in your area. Hang fliers, make a public gift registry, and put out a call for volunteers to help organize, decorate, and bring refreshments for an event that's sure to be a huge hit (and a huge help!).

5. Get Gifts That Give Back

Here's a way to have your cake and give some away, too: Register for baby gifts from companies that donate a portion of each purchase to charity. When you buy a Smitten bassinet from Pip & Grow, for example, the company will give one away to a family in need; toy company Cuddle + Kind feeds 10 hungry children for every doll bought.