Don't know how to behave at your first coed baby shower? Here's help.


Play along. Yes, shower games are silly, but that's the point. So swallow your macho pride and join in the fun, whether it's the Diaper Olympics (a relay race in which you change infant-size dolls) or Who Sucks the Most (you try to polish off a baby bottle faster than everyone else).

Pick the right present. Even if you're buddies with the dad-to-be, make sure your gift is for his wife or the baby (or, better yet, both).

Don't expect to drink. There probably won't be any alcohol served at the party. Don't whine: You only have to deal for a few hours; the mom-to-be hasn't had a drink in nine months.

Go with the flow. The conversation is bound to be baby, baby, and more baby. Don't expect anyone to want to talk about yesterday's ball game. But you can still talk plenty: If you share your own cute dad stories and advice, you're sure to be the man of the shower.

Copyright © 2007. Reprinted with permission from the July 2007 issue of Parents magazine

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