10 Tips for Throwing a Cool Dadchelor Party

Baby showers for men are all the rage these days, a new-father twist on the old-school bachelor party. Check out these dude-friendly ideas for themes, food, decor, and more that the daddy-to-be and his buds will love.

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Choose a dad-tastic theme.

Food and decor ideas for a dadchelor party baby shower for men.
Big Dot of Happiness

An afternoon tea party is not gonna cut it for expectant papas. Instead, get inspired by what the Dude of Honor loves and plan an event around a golf outing, poker night, or even a backyard BBQ. For a grillmaster's gathering, stock up on festive "Daddy Baby-Q" party supplies from Big Dot of Happiness, which include decorative cupcake wrappers, bottle toppers, hang tags, and more. The items can even be personalized to fit the likeness of the new dad. Or, for a more debonair feel, decorate drinking glasses and more with charming mustache and bow-tie chalkboard labels from Charlie Chalk.

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Design a man cave.

Rugged lounge decor ideas for a baby shower for men or dadchelor party.
Eli Turner Studios

Whatever your theme or location, add some rugged elements to your venue to make the estrogen-challenged guests feel at home. For a posh yet man-friendly lounge setting, Danielle Couick, principal of Columbia, Maryland-based event planning company Magnolia Bluebird Design & Events, combined cowhide, driftwood, linen, and aged wood pieces to add depth and texture. "The duck, well, why not?" she jokes about the unexpected party crasher.

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Send out manly invitations.

Beer, Dudes and Diapers is fun baby shower invitation idea for a dadchelor party for men.
Anders Ruff

Sure, the guy may be fine with just typing up an email invite, but a printed one will make his party feel more special, just like the celebration of his impending fatherhood should be. This customizable "Beer, Dudes, and Diapers" invitation from Anders Ruff, an online shop that specializes in printable invitations, decor, and party accessories, has a chalkboard-style design reminiscent of pub signage to set the tone for a manly shindig.

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Update traditional baby shower elements.

Beer can and diaper cake is a twist on traditional baby shower decor at a dadchelor party for men.

The traditional diaper cake is still appropriate for a dad—he will be changing diapers after all, right, ladies? Give the standard creation a twist, though, by incorporating some beer cans into the layers. This cute example from 101Chestnut is adorned with ribbons, stroller toys, and wooden train cars and topped with a plush giraffe. Or, create a "Huggies and Chuggies" cake secured with rugged burlap ribbon and topped with metal buckets filled with in-the-shell peanuts.

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Serve guy-friendly grub.

Spicy snacks are a cool baby shower food idea for men at a dadchelor party.
Eli Turner Studios

Men might be fine with a bag of chips and a case of MGD, but their taste buds will likely appreciate some gourmet goodies as well. Couick of Magnolia Bluebird Design & Events suggests adding some variety to the snack selection with spicy beef jerky, pork crisps, and wasabi peas, each paired with a local craft beer. "Who says pairings have to be reserved for cheese and wine?" she asks. Want to serve something heartier? Offer savory bite-size meatloafs like those at The Meatloaf Bakery in Chicago. You can whip up your own, topped with a scoop of mashed potatoes, with the recipe in The Meatloaf Bakery Cookbook from chief meatloaf maker Cynthia Kallile.

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Focus on the bar.

Tequila tasting is a cool baby shower activity idea for men at a dadchelor party.
Eli Turner Studios

Because the guest of honor at a mom's baby shower has to abstain, it isn't fair for the focus to be on anything alcoholic. Luckily, dads-to-be don't have that problem. A tasting bar of whiskey or tequila can be a fun and decadent activity for all involved. "Hosting a tequila bar doesn't mean going shot for shot like you did in college with your buddies. Small batch, quality sipping tequilas are all the rage now," Couick explains about the grown-up party idea. She suggests consulting with your local spirits shop and selecting several different types to have on hand for guests to try.

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Tempt with tipsy treats.

Boozy cupcakes are a great baby shower food idea for men at a dadchelor party.
Erica's Sweet Tooth

Liquor can also be incorporated into the sweets and treats on a daddy's dessert table. Erica Pitera of Erica's Sweet Tooth turned a basic vanilla cake recipe into boozy sweets by adding a swig or two of some favorite brews. The baking blogger, who's also (ironically) a pediatric dentist, topped the cupcakes with complimentary fruity goodness. The cream cheese frosting is spiked with lime and orange juices and zest. Want something a little, um, cheekier? Give the soon-to-be dad a taste of diaper duty with your own version of these poop emoji cupcakes from blogger Lindsay Morrison of Benny's Baker, made with a simple chocolate buttercream icing and cake recipe topped with store-bought eyes and white fondant smiles.

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Modify standard baby shower games.

Baby shower game ideas for men at a dadchelor party.
Instagram/Curtis Hargrove

Whether or not the men are playing golf or dealing poker, adding in some baby-themed games and activities can bring the focus back to the guest of honor's impending fatherhood. Of course, you can inject these with testosterone to increase crowd appeal. Diaper-changing races, pin the sperm on the uterus challenges and sperm-shaped cornhole toss will all get the men's competitive juices flowing. The guys can also spend some time at the party experiencing what it's like to have a giant baby bump by putting balloons under their shirts—can you say blackmail, er, photo op?

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Give baby gifts just for dad.

Baby shower gift ideas for fathers at a dadchelor party.
Diaper Duty Gifts on Etsy

Dads-to-be aren't likely to get super excited about opening frilly onesies or the most eco-friendly bottles, so instead suggest his friends bring gifts geared more to his tastes rather than typical registry items. One fun option is a diaper-duty tool belt stocked with must-have items for changing time, like this Etsy offering or you can make your own. Future dads will also appreciate manly diaper bags like those from Diaper Dude and baby apparel with his favorite sports team logo.

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Pass out functional favors.

Baby shower favor ideas for men at a dadchelor party.
Les Petits Presents

For favors, send the dudes off with something they'll actually use, like these take-home Jack and Coke kits created by Les Petits Presents. Other fun options include beer steins filled with bottle openers, bar towels, and candy, personalized golf balls and tees and these custom-made can koozies from You're That Girl Designs Etsy shop.

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