Baby Shower Ideas: Spa-Themed Party for Mom Expecting Baby #2

Pamper mom-to-be with a relaxing spa-themed baby shower. Watch as Parents lifestyle contributer Amanda Kingloff shows how to make elegant decorations for the party.


-Help mom relax as she is expecting baby number two with these quick and easy spa baby shower ideas. For the spa theme shower, you'll need lavender, soaps, stickers, card stack place cards, a pen, ribbon, decorative paper, clear tape and a hot glue gun. To set a calm, soothing tone, we're going to use dried lavender as the décor for this party. Set these simple bunches down the center of your table. So just take a handful of lavender stems and hold them together in the middle with a rubber band. Take your scissors and cut off the bottom so they're even and will stand steadily on the table. Cut about 1-inch strip from your craft paper and use it to hide the rubber band. Add a little ribbon and sticker embellishment to give it that fancy touch. For the place cards, take a small piece of ribbon and just wrap it around 3 stems to 4 stems of lavender. Glue this to the front of the [inaudible] card and write your guest names to the side. For the party favor, individually wrap soaps in decorative paper. Wrap a ribbon around the middle and seal it with a sticker. Feeling relaxed, yet? A spa baby shower is just what mom needs before having her second baby.

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