Baby Shower Ideas: How To Set Up A Onesie-Decorating Station

Learn to decorate onesies at your next baby shower. Watch as Parents lifestyle contributer Amanda Kingloff shows how to make this wearable craft.


-Set up an easy, no-mess onesie-decorating station at your next friend's baby shower. For the onesie-decorating station, you'll need a cardboard, onesies, fabric markers, rubber stamps, VersaCraft Inkpads, felt, scissors and fabric glue. So, it's easy for your guests to work on the little t-shirts, cut cardboard rectangles that fit inside. For those guests that want to keep it simple, just use fabric markers to make a pattern or drawing or to write a little note to the baby. It's so cute and easy. So, for medium level crafter, go for the stamping. So just set up some letter stamps, picture stamps and a few inkpads that work on fabric. Just saturate the stamp with ink and stamp away on the t-shirt. It's a good idea to set the ink with a hot iron before washing. And lastly, for the more advanced crafter, lay out various colors of felt with fabric glue and scissors. Let people cut letters, pictures or abstract shapes to glue on to the onesies. When you're doing this craft, just make sure you get the glue close to the edges so the design won't curl up after washing. Not only does this activity make for great entertainment, the baby will arrive to a very creative wardrobe.

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