Baby Shower Ideas: How To Play "What's In The Bag?"

Guests will enjoy this baby shower guessing game, and mom-to-be will take home lots of loot. Watch as Parents lifestyle contributer Amanda Kingloff shows how to prepare and play this simple activity.


Baby shower gear and equipment comes in odd shapes and sizes. Test your baby shower guest's knowledge with a quick and fun game that's super easy to set up. For the game called "What's in the bag", you'll need paper bags, letter stickers and baby objects like a pacifier, a bulb syringe and nail clippers. Place a baby item in the bag, fold the top over and seal it with a letter sticker. At the baby shower, ask your guests to fell the outside of the bag to try to guess what's inside. You'll be amazed at what people come up with. At the end of the game, mom-to-be gets to go home with all the loot.

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