Baby Shower Ideas: How To Play The Diaper-Pin Game

Learn a fun game to play at your next girlfriend's baby shower. Watch as Parents lifestyle contributer Amanda Kingloff shows how to enjoy this activity.


-Get a little crafty with this popular diaper-pin game for your next girlfriend's baby shower. For the diaper-pin game, you'll need felt, scissors, a thin marker, safety pins, a hot glue gun and a template printed from So first, just print out this template, cut it and trace it on to a felt. You want to make one for each guest that's coming to the shower. Cut out the felt shapes, adding a dab of glue right in the middle, fold the bottom up, then add a little dab of glue on the inside of either arm. Fold in the edges and fasten it with a safety pin. Now, here is how to play this game. When your guests arrive, ask them each to wear one of these cute little diaper-pins. As they mingle and chat throughout the party, they have to try not to say the word "baby." If one guest hears another one say the word "baby," then they take their pin. The person at the end of the party wearing the most diaper-pins wins the game. You'll have so much fun playing this game at your next girlfriend's baby shower.

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