Baby Shower Ideas: How To Play the Baby-Bump Game

Learn a fun game to play at your next girlfriend's baby shower. Watch as Parents lifestyle contributer Amanda Kingloff shows how to prepare a bump-themed activity.


-The guest of honor of the baby shower isn't really the mom-to-be. It's the baby bump. Here is a fun baby shower game that focuses on just that. -For the baby bump game, you'll need clear plastic bags, ribbons, scissors and labels printed on to sticker paper from To prep for this game, take the stickers that you printed and stick them right to the front of each bag. Cut long lengths of ribbon, coil them and just stick them neatly into these little plastic bags. You want to make sure that your ribbon is at least 6-inches to 12-inches longer than the circumference of mom-to-be's belly. Place one of these at every seat at the shower and have the guests cut the ribbon down to the side that they think matches the guest of honor's waistline. Whoever is closest to the actual measurement wins. Mom-to-be can keep the winning ribbon to save in her baby book.

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